Monday, May 14, 2007

The Search for Red Ribbon's Tiramisu

This mother’s day celebration was indeed memorable for my family(my parents, a younger brother and my own family) , we went to church in the morning and spent the day strolling around Araneta Center in Cubao. Window shopped for my son’s school shoes and bought him a new toy and a new blender for myself. Went to Shopwise for some items needed for the afternoon’s special snacks. We had a prepared it already before we left the house in the morning.

The Tiramisu:
My husband decided to surprise me with Red Ribbon’s Tiramisu Meltdown as a Mother’s Day Gift, that was the plan. He went to the Red Ribbon store early in the morning and said that he will meet us at the church. After an hour he went back home frustrated and told me that my gift is not yet available and said that he will go back again after the mass. That was when he told me about the tiramisu gift.

Many of my friends know that I so loved chocolates and cakes and a few weeks before I have this late night cravings for chocolate mousse, not just any choco mousse it must be “Red Ribbon” and was disappointed when he brought home one of a different brand. So at present my target was the Tiramisu Meltdown of Red Ribbon.

The Search:
After the mass we went back to the Red Ribbon outlet and lo and behold it was Out-of-Stock already, and two hours just had passed since my husband inquired about the cake. My husband has a binyagan to attend to that afternoon at Aberdeen Court while the whole family went home.

While at the binyagan my husband told his friends about his Tiramisu search and they decided to help. The went to Red Ribbon’s branches as SM Manila, Ever Grand Central, Araneta Square and Kamias. To cut the story short my very tired husband went home pass nine in the evening with no Tiramisu show for it. He was really disappointed, during his search, I told him just to stop for we can always buy the next day.

The Next Day: Election Day
After voting we decided to search for this Elusive Tiramisu Meltdown, went to the Marikina branch and at Cubao again but it was still Out-of-Stock. I can’t help telling the Red Ribbon crew why did they not prepare for the demand for the cakes when they know it is a best seller.

Present Day
The Tiramisu Meltdown cake at Red Ribbon is already available but it seems my cravings had already passed. Oh well I decided not to buy anymore since we just came from my son’s pedia and he is again having an allergic attack from chocolates and is banned from eating any for the next two weeks. It will be hard, for we have so many kinds of chocolates in the house. At least my husband gave me the money for the cake and was told to spend it on anything I like, now that is YUMMY.

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