Monday, May 07, 2007

A Celebration of Marriage

My husband and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary last Sunday. What’s different with this one is that it was my husband who planned how we celebrate our anniversary.

It made a great impact in me because this is the only time since we had our son that we were really alone together for 24hours. Since having a child we often include him on our dates and it really kills the romantic mood sometimes.

My husband prepared a real treat for me, showing how he really knows me. He found this hotel suite that has a 60-inch television with cable, a DVD player and a Jacuzzi. As you might have guessed I am a TV addict and I had the time of my life. We spent the day going around Quiapo, eating at our favorite chinese restaurant and rediscovering each other.

It made me realize that events like this must be held of great importance. It gave us a time to recharge the batteries of our marriage, to reflect and review on our plans for the family’s future and re-affirm our love for each other.

We were almost sorry it has to end, and was tempted to extend our stay. On the way home we promised to do it again next year.


Mary Grace said...

how sweet naman! sweet joan talaga! hope your relationship goes stronger and stronger (pwede rin magkaron ng kalaro si enzo! hehehe) you're such a nice woman ma'am! :) God bless!

maRLeNe said...

wow... nakaka-inspire naman... :D kaya pala nung nagkita kita tayo nung tuesday after super blooming ka... :D yeee... kakakilig...