Friday, November 30, 2007

Meet My Little Baker

This is my second year to sell online homemade chocolates and baked goodies thru my website And the source of my inspiration is my little baker, my son Lorenzo. He is four years old and he really interested in cooking and baking.

He really helps while I am baking, he reminds me that I need eggs or flour or other things and just recently he demands to wear an apron too. I was really glad that I have his chef uniform and apron made.

I know his interest is cooking is because of the environment and his own interests, as you can see he loves to eat and appreciate it really well. I decided to nurture that interest but I won’t discourage his other interests.

He loves books, toy trains, singing and dancing. We buy books at Goodwill when we go out and let him decide what books he wants to read. He has a passion for toy trains, his father offered to buy him one of those remote controlled cars but he just wanted the trains. So we bought one, it’s his eight toy train, and it seems since he is two I have been giving him toy trains for Christmas.

He also has this talent for music and rhythm, even if he just listened to a song for the first time he can sing parts of it after. We watched a play last October and he listened to our National Anthem for the first time and was moved by it. Now we are teaching him to sing it, just have to straighten his lyrics and we are good to go.

As for his baking skills, I decided that now is the time I will let him learn and let his hands work, maybe we can create some goodies we both like to eat.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Investing for the future

We have recently bought a subdivision lot somewhere near Antipolo City, the community is designed to have a farm/garden homes and even have a cooperative to help you sell your produce. I loved the location and the view; it has a cool climate and is overlooking Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country. It will take three to five years to develop the subdivision but that’s okay for us for we don’t have the budget to build the house on it at the moment. At least now we have the motivation to save more for the future.

I’ve always wanted to have a farm, growing up in Manila you have a very different environment than what you can experience in the provinces. Lucky for us that my father comes from Bicol where the family lives a farm, such happy childhood memories like playing in rice fields and moving goats from one place is one of my precious experiences during summer breaks. Now I can look forward to have my own little farm and my son can have the experience on living in one. We are planning to make it a vacation home someday.

I believe having a real estate is a good investment and if ever we decide not to live there in the future we can always sell the land. I would also like to have a condo unit someday, owning a condominium unit now is expensive even though they are sprouting around the metro left and right. I always tell myself I’ll buy a condo unit when I have more money than I can spend. Maybe someday there will be affordable condo-housing units like the HDB properties in Singapore. It is commendable how the Singaporean government made housing affordable to their citizens and at the same time solving squatting problems. We have to admit Metro Manila is getting crowded and we even have more squatters living here than people who owns or rent an apartment or house.

2007 is really a big year for me, so many changes, new experiences and I believe the best is yet to come. The future seems bright.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Filipina Superwoman

I took my sweet time in deciding on how I can fully describe a Filipina at her finest and make it an entry in the "Filipina Writing Project" . There are so many facets of a Filipina that I don’t even know where to begin, but then my son showed my just last night what he thinks about me.

I am his mommy, his teacher mommy, his doctor and a good playmate. In his eyes I play different roles in his life that is when I realize that being a Filipina we can consider ourselves a “superwoman”.

What is a Filipina?

Her own woman
A Filipina can play a lot of role but she is her own woman. She knows what she wants in life, secure in her person making her sexy, independent and exciting. She can also be aggressive in pursuing in her career goals and in doing so become successful in anything she puts her mind to.

A Wife and Mother
Being one of the most sought out life partners by Filipinos and foreigners alike. I got to talk to different men of different nationalities and I ask them why they prefer to have a Filipina wife. Their answer is that Filipinas are nurturers we take good care of our husbands and children. The family is the number one priority for the Filipina, we love our husbands with all our hearts and take good care not just our immediate family but our extended family as well. We even consider our close friends family. We even personally manage our homes, the laundry, house cleaning and cooking.

The Teacher
As a Filipina mother we are the first teachers of our children that is why we are called “ILAW ng TAHANAN” (light of the home). We teach our child their first words and we are the ones with them when they experience the “firsts” in their life – first trip to the barber, their first trip to the playground. We are the ones that hold their hands and assure them that it is okay to play with other kids or talk to a roomful of people. Even our OFWs play the role of a teacher to their wards. I even watched a TV/documentary saying that the future leaders of nations are being taken cared today by our fellow Filipinas.

The Doctor
I remember when I was a child that every time I got hurt my mama always kisses my wound to make it better. Even as a teenager pimples, cramps and even broken hearts are consulted to her. She is the first person we think of when we are hurt we trust her with our life. Today my son Lorenzo calls me “Mommy Doctor” whenever I clean his wound or even giving him a kiss on the knee when he falls down.

The Career Woman
One great thing about our country is that as Filipinas we have the freedom to pursue careers. Filipinas are known to excel in their field be it in public service or in the private sector not just here but also in other countries.

The Entrepreneur
Being a businesswoman is second nature to Filipinas. It is a natural for us to see opportunity to make a sale. At one point in our life we attempted to sell something to friends and neighbors. There are many stories about how a Filipina mother raised her family just by selling in the market.

These are just a few roles that a Filipina play. She is really a superwoman. Being able to juggle different roles at the same time is second nature to us; we are mothers, sisters, wives, career woman and teachers. Doing these roles with panache and grace we can face the world and say “We are a Filipina and we are proud of it!”.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Too much Information

I have been in cyber "hibernation" for more than a month, before this happened I was so sure that I can handle the workload that I have. I’ve been teaching in two universities teaching 13 classes with 4 different subjects. I’m also a wife, a mother to a son attending nursery and manages a home without househelpers or “katulong”. I cook, clean the house and wash clothes on Sundays. I can’t even remember a day when I can just sit back, do nothing and relax all day.

This is my life this year, aside from blogging and having my online choco-baking business on the side. My friends were concerned that I will burn myself out. I had managed well for a couple of months but when the final examination period(mid september to october) approached I was in a frenzy and my mind was so preoccupied about finals, last minute lectures and grade computations that I had trouble even thinking about other stuff like blogging and conceptualizing my website for the Christmas season. It was it seem I was running on autopilot, multitasking as much as possible like washing clothes while preparing lectures and final exams or checking test papers.

I then realized that I have information overload. My mind was so focused on the finals examination period that is refuses to think so something else. Even today when I open my blogger account I could see my drafts that piled up because I can’t force myself to blog. I can’t even play my spider solitaire, my mind was somewhere else to even play a simple game.

I even stopped logging on the net, just check my emails every other day and totally stopped surfing or reading blogs. I was cyber hibernating and I am not happy about it.

I had survived the killer finals period and thanks to my family(my brother helped me check test papers till the wee hours in the morning for weeks) and the full support of my understanding husband I finished all my obligations in school and decided to take a leave of absence in teaching and focus on my family life and business.

Now slowly but surely I am blogging again and for starters will blog about all my adventures I had when I was in “hibernation”.