Friday, November 30, 2007

Meet My Little Baker

This is my second year to sell online homemade chocolates and baked goodies thru my website And the source of my inspiration is my little baker, my son Lorenzo. He is four years old and he really interested in cooking and baking.

He really helps while I am baking, he reminds me that I need eggs or flour or other things and just recently he demands to wear an apron too. I was really glad that I have his chef uniform and apron made.

I know his interest is cooking is because of the environment and his own interests, as you can see he loves to eat and appreciate it really well. I decided to nurture that interest but I won’t discourage his other interests.

He loves books, toy trains, singing and dancing. We buy books at Goodwill when we go out and let him decide what books he wants to read. He has a passion for toy trains, his father offered to buy him one of those remote controlled cars but he just wanted the trains. So we bought one, it’s his eight toy train, and it seems since he is two I have been giving him toy trains for Christmas.

He also has this talent for music and rhythm, even if he just listened to a song for the first time he can sing parts of it after. We watched a play last October and he listened to our National Anthem for the first time and was moved by it. Now we are teaching him to sing it, just have to straighten his lyrics and we are good to go.

As for his baking skills, I decided that now is the time I will let him learn and let his hands work, maybe we can create some goodies we both like to eat.

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