Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Students' Blog Writing Activity

I just finished teaching about the basics of blogging and social networking to my students. I enjoy teaching about these topics because its one of the activities I love doing online and seeing how my students are interested and asking questions on blogging really make me happy.

As a conclusion to a very interesting semester I organized this blog writing and social networking activity to measure and get feedback on how much they learn from our classes.

To my students please click this link to proceed to your online activity

Go to Digitized Youth

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Mini Library

Since Moving in our new home last month I am slowly filling up my bookshelves again, arranging the study room to accommodate my husband’s, my son’s and my needs. I would like to think of the room as a mini library, where my son and I study both our lessons(I teach and he is in kinder) and my husband can continue his work away from the office.

The study room was one of my requirements in looking for a new house, I grew up in a two bedroom house where the whole family sleep in a room and the spare room was rented out. Studying then was done in the dining table when there is no one using it. I wanted my son to have his own space for studying as well as for playing.

Looking at the room now I noticed the books I collected this past years and it contained an interesting mix of technical books, business books, baby and parenting books and books on baking and chocolates. There are also magazines like yummy, entrepreneur, good housekeeping, smart parenting and prevention. I have other books still in boxes some of them I already decided to donate while others are in storage to be brought out if I needed them.

I love reading books and taught my son to love them too. As of now my son’s book collection in our bookshelf is more than mine. I usually buy him new books once a month or if I happen to see a book that could supplement his lessons in school.

For myself, I am slowly collecting books on business and marketing. Having my own business I realize that I need to continuously read about business management and marketing. I even collect ebooks so that even if I am out of the house and have a spare time I can read/study. When I found out that Ned and Ardy Roberto releases marketing business solutions book I became interested in knowing more about the book and if it could help me. I read their column in the Philippine Daily Inquirer so their book is on my to-buy list.

I believe that to be on top of your game you have to continuously improve yourself. Learning does not stop when you graduate from school, it actually is the beginning.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

DSL at Last!

My PLDT MyDSL is finally installed today after almost 3weeks of waiting. My experience in having this connection was filled with horror, frustration and anger. I was really disappointed with the service I received in getting this pldt account. I have been a subscriber of pldt dsl since 2002 and this is my third time to get a dsl account and so I was not a newbie in how things work so I was really surprised how my expectations were not met.

I will blog the details soon, just let me catch up on whats happening online.