Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Decade of Teaching

This is my tenth year of teaching in college. I started teaching in PUP in 1998 where my students was just a two years younger than me. I teach computer engineering subjects then. I was invited by my former department head Engr. Rafael Oquindo to teach in my alma mater PUP. I was a computer programmer/developer before I started teaching in PUP but as part of my work I also train newly hired programmer trainees in our company and had been a resource person on Information Technology on several seminars before teaching in PUP.

I guess I have the calling/passion for teaching. I love teaching, when I teach I forget everything, my problems, my worries and everything else in between. What matters are the lessons I would like my students to learn. What I would like to achieve now in teaching is to teach senior citizens, or adults who don’t believe that they can still learn to operate computers and I would like them to enjoy the benefits of the Internet. Maybe even teaching kids about computers would be fun.

As I celebrate my tenth year of teaching, I would have liked to teach on where it all started even for just once a week, but some circumstances did not allow me to teach there this semester. I have taken a leave of absence in PUP last semester to pursue my business and I have no regrets. I also started to teach in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina(PLMAR) last year and I teach there this semester for a few hours everyday and the rest of my time is devoted to my family and my online business.

As I look back these past ten years, I cherish the memories I have of PUP, my students who are also my friends that until now I have in contact with and my colleagues. I am what I am today because of the trainings I gained from teaching. I did not just teach, I also learned. I was taught about leadership and resourcefulness.

I would like to thank my mentor, Engr. Rafael Oquindo, who trained me to be proactive, independent, shared the joys of researching and believe that I can do things once I set my mind into it.

At present my priority is my family and my business. I do not know if I will go back to teaching full time but I am not closing my doors to any opportunities coming my way. There are several schools offering me teaching posts but as of now I would concentrate on my redesigning mylittlebaker(way overdue!) and my Christmas Product line.

PLMAR have become my new academic family, I love the camaraderie and the joys of teaching the school is giving me. I hope to share and contribute the skills I have to PLMAR.

For the past ten years I have devoted myself to teaching and loved every minute of it. Now I would like to give the same devotion to my business, I feel the time is right. I have to do this and when I give it my all I know I will succeed!

This is the inspirational quote I always keep in mind these days.

“ I deserve the best and the best is yet to come.”

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My 10 Emerging Influential Blogs of 2008

Here is my list for the writing project Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2008. This is a writing project of Janette Toral that would be identifying new and emerging blogs that are making an impact to its readers in 2008. My list is composed of blogs I regulary read and helps me in my life, whether in my work or my personal activities.

Manila Foodistas
basta food love ko!

Filipino Voices
- thought provoking ideas on current issues and events

Visit Sagada
- always want to visit Sagada, very informative specially for people who wants to visit

The Not So Talented Dj Montano
- love his posts, he is so brave in sharing his innermost emotions and I've been reading his blog since March

- relaxing read, informative

Jd's Niche
- I met her during the ICT Training Workshop for Women Empowerment on UP last month and both declare we would be busom friends, a mommy, a fellow academic, people person just like me. Her blogs serves as a source of inspiration and reflections for me.

Mar Roxas for President in 2010
- I like the blogger's convictions in his belief for Mar Roxas to be our next President although I don't know yet if I will vote for him

Pinoy Mountaineer
- informative, the blog convinces you to try mountain climbing even once in your life

Anak ni Kulapo
- kaaliw nung adventures and misadventures nya

The Wisdom Journal
- nice ideas, great food for though, been practicing some of them already

A Free Vacation?

I have been getting this phone call lately about having won a free 3 day hotel accommodations at Days Hotel for 4 persons, all I have to do is to go to their office somewhere in Ortigas to claim the prize. But I have to bring my husband with me and there is something like a presentation we have to listen to first.

I have been getting these calls while teaching my class, and the noise level in school is high so that I didn’t get clearly the details the caller on the phone was telling me. I ask her to call on weekends instead. Since me and my husband works there is no opportunity for us to claim the prize of that free hotel accommodation anytime soon. I am also wondering how they got my information, I’ve been to different seminars and conferences lately and dropped my calling cards to different booths on those events so maybe they got it there though I can’t remember any particular company that asked me if I am interested on a vacation.

I don’t get good vibes about the “prize” I won but having free accommodation at Days Hotel got my attention that I now have this idea of having a family outing/adventure out of town. It would be great if this “prize” has no strings attached. In my mind I have been planning for that “vacation” already, checking out the Days Hotel info in the web, looking at their branches and estimating if we can afford to travel at times like this.

I don’t know if eventually I will claim that prize but the idea of traveling and going out of town have been planted and is growing in my head and if I am given the opportunity I would like to take my family to Davao City. It’s a shame that there is no Days Hotel in Davao City. Nevertheless I can find an Affordable hotel in Davao City.

Why Davao?
I would like to go there because I can mix business with pleasure. Pleasure because my son loves crocodiles and there is a croc farm there, also I like to go to Davao Pearl Farm and they say its heaven to spend your days is the beach just being lazy with your laptop. It would also be a good business move to visit Davao since there are always people from Davao inquiring if I can deliver my products there, maybe I can meet them and strike a deal?

It would really be a golden opportunity for me and my family to take a vacation especially if it is free, I can dream can’t I?

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Paypal Verified!

Finally! I have my own Paypal account. Just got it verified. I am an occasional online buyer and now with Paypal I could increase my online buying activity without the fear of having my credit card hacked.

As a site owner I see many doors of opportunities opening up for me. My husband joked about even putting a link on my site asking people to donate. Kidding aside I am thankful that we have PayPal in the Philippines. It is great to think that there is like an “e-money” for online transactions.

I am still trying to learn more about my Paypal account, there are still things to set up like the bank transfers, sending money, security tips and shopping online. I have to learn these things before I can confidently use Paypal.

My next step?
Helping my husband create his own Paypal Account.
Isn’t it fun?

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

House Hunt

Finding an affordable house or apartment to rent nowadays is really hard and looking for one in a place like Cubao with a beautiful, spacious kitchen(so I can bake with ease) was like finding a needle in a haystack. Of the dozens of houses I had looked into these last two months only two passed my criteria and one of them was already taken unfortunately. Luckily for me I acquired the other one, a townhouse.

Many might think that I am crazy to move from my existing apartment to a more expensive one at a time like this, when all prices of basic commodities are continuously rising. Don’t worry there are times I think so too. But when I think about the reasons and the benefits I would gain in moving into a new house it counters the other “sane” reasons to stay in our current apartment.

I planned to move into a newer spacious house so that I can make more chocolates and baked products than in the cramped space I have now. I can accept bigger orders for I know I can handle it more if I have a bigger place to work in.

I also believe that if all of you regularly or stays sick most of the time, and then it’s time to get out of that house and move into a new one. I feel that living in our current house is not anymore beneficial for us, we get sick most of the time( mostly coughs and colds and at times flu). Plus since it’s a rental and the landlord plans to raise the rental fee but would not repair the house(leaking roof, clog drains and so on) so why not just move to another house, it might cost much higher but the living conditions is much better.

Why is this location?
Well it is because my son is enrolled in this area and his comfort is our priority. I hope to enroll him in UPIS next year so we can move in Marikina or Cainta area.

Why not buy a house?
Everybody dreams of owning one. I do too. We already bought a lot and would be available to build our dream house in five years time. We also have a house already in Marikina but we choose to live in Cubao for the convenience of my family.

At these trying times many might say that what we did might not be “sane”, all I can say is that we plan to be more proactive and productive to earn more and that there are other ways to save money.

Actually the real dilemma for me is my next purchase – A CAR.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Keeping Track

These past few weeks have been hectic for me, preparing for school, house hunting, attending seminars and events, having last minute summer bonding with the family and planning protocols on moving out from our current house to moving in another while everyone of the family works and continue on their usual daily routines.

I allot time for seminars and events, to an entrepreneur like me it’s a great way in meeting people, finding great ideas and gives me the needed information in helping me run my business. I usually look for seminars or events in newspapers, on E groups which I belong to, on websites of products or services I am interested in and also on different organizations offering services on business enterprises.

I usually have regular events I go to like the coming Fil Negosyo Expo this month and Food Expo usually on held on August. This coming months is crucial for me, my mother is retiring from government service and just told me she wants to engage in business but is unsure on what to do. So I thought why not expose her to different businesses through seminars and Expos? In that way she can have the feel and observe first hand what businesses today she can engage in and see how this business is being run.

So regardless on what’s going on in our household, I still need information on Filipino Events or seminars specially related to business. Just as luck would have it I found a website where you can browse through upcoming events and you can even Add your Filipino events on their site. The site is called Filipino Village and is presented a real village complete with hospital, church, schools and even a city hall. You can click each one to see information related to schools or other places. Now looking for upcoming seminars and events is a lot easier and hassle free.