Tuesday, June 10, 2008

House Hunt

Finding an affordable house or apartment to rent nowadays is really hard and looking for one in a place like Cubao with a beautiful, spacious kitchen(so I can bake with ease) was like finding a needle in a haystack. Of the dozens of houses I had looked into these last two months only two passed my criteria and one of them was already taken unfortunately. Luckily for me I acquired the other one, a townhouse.

Many might think that I am crazy to move from my existing apartment to a more expensive one at a time like this, when all prices of basic commodities are continuously rising. Don’t worry there are times I think so too. But when I think about the reasons and the benefits I would gain in moving into a new house it counters the other “sane” reasons to stay in our current apartment.

I planned to move into a newer spacious house so that I can make more chocolates and baked products than in the cramped space I have now. I can accept bigger orders for I know I can handle it more if I have a bigger place to work in.

I also believe that if all of you regularly or stays sick most of the time, and then it’s time to get out of that house and move into a new one. I feel that living in our current house is not anymore beneficial for us, we get sick most of the time( mostly coughs and colds and at times flu). Plus since it’s a rental and the landlord plans to raise the rental fee but would not repair the house(leaking roof, clog drains and so on) so why not just move to another house, it might cost much higher but the living conditions is much better.

Why is this location?
Well it is because my son is enrolled in this area and his comfort is our priority. I hope to enroll him in UPIS next year so we can move in Marikina or Cainta area.

Why not buy a house?
Everybody dreams of owning one. I do too. We already bought a lot and would be available to build our dream house in five years time. We also have a house already in Marikina but we choose to live in Cubao for the convenience of my family.

At these trying times many might say that what we did might not be “sane”, all I can say is that we plan to be more proactive and productive to earn more and that there are other ways to save money.

Actually the real dilemma for me is my next purchase – A CAR.


roseann said...

Godbless you and your family..
You're such a busy mother, but still you can update here.. :)
i'm still looking for baking lessons, sa july pa kasi nila ipopost ang calendar nila..

Dyan po ba sa cubao meron?
I've heard meron daw po e.

joan_pinon said...

--- Hi thank you for visiting. I visited site for baking lessons but june pa yung available.

Meron dito sa cubao sa chocolate lover, www.chefannie.com
You can also try yung kay heny sison
Another site na pwede is http://pinoyseminars.blogspot.com/
Me sched sya ng Negoskwela for june and july

Hope this helps!