Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In Search of the Right Business Opportunity

My mother is retiring in a few months, and she has expressed her interest in venturing into a business with me. There are two choices I am considering to venture out into a full time business. As of now my online chocolates and baking business is a part time only, I only bake when there is an order and it follows that I earn only when I have orders. But if I make it as a fulltime business and put a physical store then maybe I can have a regular income from that biz. My problem is there are too many risks involved especially monetary risk and my brand is not that known.

Another option it to have a franchise business, the brand is there and the business is already working. But my problem with franchising is there are so many available now that it’s really hard to choose what will work for you.

I am also considering getting a franchise like a food cart business and then sell my products along with it. I don’t know if that is allowed but at least it’s an idea. I am also surfing the net for franchising options they have abroad like the Singapore Franchise Opportunity and compare them with local franchises.

So from here till the time my mother retires I just have to really study all my options and consult with her what will work for both of us.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Looking Forward to a Challenging Year

This year is a challenging year for me; I have big responsibilities to shoulder and crucial decisions to make. I got a little depressed when 2008 started there are so many things I want to achieve this year but I realized that I have to sacrifice some things to achieve them. So for these past two weeks I started soul searching and prayed to the Lord to always guide me

My mother is retiring this year and as a loving daughter I am taking full responsibility in taking good care of them. Actually one of the reasons why I ventured into business is to have an opportunity have a business partnership with my mother, she is a great cook. Working after retirement will be beneficial financially and physically. My mother is a workaholic; she even goes to the office even when she’s on leave. That is why I am considering on having a physical store wherein she can supervise during the day at her own pace. I even have a line up of would be salespersons on standby.

I am also planning to move to a new house by summer. My business is growing and the place that we have now is not enough when I start baking. I need to give my baking business its own space too. I need to find a bigger house. It would also help in controlling the food intake of my son, he just so love those cupcakes.

Considering buying a car, an owner type jeep will do. I am considering supplying establishments of my baked products but having no means to transport them is holding me back. Even buying supplies is getting hard as I order by bulk on certain ingredients like a sack of flour(25kgs.) and still use public transport. Driving lessons here I come.

On my academic work, certain opportunities are opening up and I am considering them. I figured I can’t leave the academe just yet. The opportunities in this area of my professional life is very challenging and exciting at the same time. I thought I’ve given up on my dream on being a department head but it seems God is giving me another chance to be one.

We also acquired a piece of real estate as an investment, a future dream house. Paying amortization and saving up for that dream house got me motivated to work really hard.

On the business side I also would like to join bazaars and trade fairs to promote my business. I am also considering having another business partner to share the load on the baking side of things. That way I can have time for other things.

I have my reservations too.

What if I need to choose between the work or the business?
What will I choose?
Do I really need to choose?
Or should I really look for a business partner?
What if my business don't pick up as I thought it would?
Can I do all of these things?

I also have other plans that I realized might not work out this year like having another child and enrolling on a doctoral degree program. But you never know, with lots of prayers and hard work I might have my cake and eat it too before 2009 comes along.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Healthy Choices

I sold more baked products last Christmas than chocolates, and demands for them continue to come in but I noticed that my son added more weight due to availability cupcakes and sweets at home all the time.

Since last year I have been trying to make my son lose weight encouraging eating more fruits and limiting consumption of chocolates and sweets but it is hard when they are readily available anytime of the day.

Making the right and healthy choices
I would like to make my family live a healthy life starting this year and even though I have orders for baked products and sweets I am now starting to develop healthier baked goodies.

I already started with my sugar free and low cholesterol oatmeal almond cookies and gave them as gift for my diabetic relative last Christmas and they really loved it. Now I’m developing healthy cupcakes filled with fresh fruits, oatmeal and using low fat ingredients that are good for the heart.

The verdict?
They love it, even my customers love it. I’ve already sold apple oatmeal and banana flavored cupcakes to very happy customers and their kids.

Sugar Free?
I’ll try sugar free cakes and icing next and maybe sell them this coming valentine.

Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Year, A New Hope

A new year for me means a new opportunity to better oneself. To avoid past mistakes and apply what you have learned from them. It can also mean a new life ahead, a promise of a greater future.

I am surrounded of young people, some at the crossroads of their career life, some already making a head start for the life they always planned to have. A few of them have me to help and support in any decisions they make, they are my cousins, some just graduated from college and currently deciding to move on to a new job and some deciding on what courses should they take to make their dreams come true. Some are friends who are on the crossroads to work abroad or stay here in the country. Even I just got unsolicited advice from well meaning relatives to just stop working here and go abroad to work.

Work or a source of income. They say money make the world go round, some dreams cost money like house and lot, cars, clothes etc. That is why choosing the right career path or the right company to work in is crucial. But in order to be accepted to the company you would like to work in, also involve planning. You have to do research about the company what they do and do you really think it can help you achieve your goals and you also have to market yourself for them to hire you.

Resumes are an important to get you hired, even my husband and I who both applied to new companies/institutions this past year had to redesign our resumes to land the jobs we want. There are many websites available to help you construct a great resume and some offer resume service wherein they can actually help you come out with polished resumes.

So prepare you resumes carefully, it’s the first step in impressing your future employers.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!!!

I would like to greet everyone A Happy New Year!!!

And may your year be filled with Blessings from the Lord.