Thursday, January 10, 2008

Looking Forward to a Challenging Year

This year is a challenging year for me; I have big responsibilities to shoulder and crucial decisions to make. I got a little depressed when 2008 started there are so many things I want to achieve this year but I realized that I have to sacrifice some things to achieve them. So for these past two weeks I started soul searching and prayed to the Lord to always guide me

My mother is retiring this year and as a loving daughter I am taking full responsibility in taking good care of them. Actually one of the reasons why I ventured into business is to have an opportunity have a business partnership with my mother, she is a great cook. Working after retirement will be beneficial financially and physically. My mother is a workaholic; she even goes to the office even when she’s on leave. That is why I am considering on having a physical store wherein she can supervise during the day at her own pace. I even have a line up of would be salespersons on standby.

I am also planning to move to a new house by summer. My business is growing and the place that we have now is not enough when I start baking. I need to give my baking business its own space too. I need to find a bigger house. It would also help in controlling the food intake of my son, he just so love those cupcakes.

Considering buying a car, an owner type jeep will do. I am considering supplying establishments of my baked products but having no means to transport them is holding me back. Even buying supplies is getting hard as I order by bulk on certain ingredients like a sack of flour(25kgs.) and still use public transport. Driving lessons here I come.

On my academic work, certain opportunities are opening up and I am considering them. I figured I can’t leave the academe just yet. The opportunities in this area of my professional life is very challenging and exciting at the same time. I thought I’ve given up on my dream on being a department head but it seems God is giving me another chance to be one.

We also acquired a piece of real estate as an investment, a future dream house. Paying amortization and saving up for that dream house got me motivated to work really hard.

On the business side I also would like to join bazaars and trade fairs to promote my business. I am also considering having another business partner to share the load on the baking side of things. That way I can have time for other things.

I have my reservations too.

What if I need to choose between the work or the business?
What will I choose?
Do I really need to choose?
Or should I really look for a business partner?
What if my business don't pick up as I thought it would?
Can I do all of these things?

I also have other plans that I realized might not work out this year like having another child and enrolling on a doctoral degree program. But you never know, with lots of prayers and hard work I might have my cake and eat it too before 2009 comes along.

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