Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Healthy Choices

I sold more baked products last Christmas than chocolates, and demands for them continue to come in but I noticed that my son added more weight due to availability cupcakes and sweets at home all the time.

Since last year I have been trying to make my son lose weight encouraging eating more fruits and limiting consumption of chocolates and sweets but it is hard when they are readily available anytime of the day.

Making the right and healthy choices
I would like to make my family live a healthy life starting this year and even though I have orders for baked products and sweets I am now starting to develop healthier baked goodies.

I already started with my sugar free and low cholesterol oatmeal almond cookies and gave them as gift for my diabetic relative last Christmas and they really loved it. Now I’m developing healthy cupcakes filled with fresh fruits, oatmeal and using low fat ingredients that are good for the heart.

The verdict?
They love it, even my customers love it. I’ve already sold apple oatmeal and banana flavored cupcakes to very happy customers and their kids.

Sugar Free?
I’ll try sugar free cakes and icing next and maybe sell them this coming valentine.

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