Thursday, April 23, 2009

The 2nd Social Networking and e-Business Conference 2009 - My Day 1 Insights

First I would like to thank Digitalfilipino Club and Fiera de Manila Inc. for giving me the opportunity to be a delagate in this conference, I fully appreciated the opportunity to enchance my knowledge in social networking and e-commerce.

This is my second time to attend the conference and events this year wowed me. I loved the AVP about the conference made by Buddy Gancenia that shows the top 10 Social Networking Sites in the Philippines, it made a big impact on the attendees even me who teaches about social networking in college and even ask my students to research on these Top 10 SNS last semester.

Day 1 of the conference laid the groundwork for a better understanding of social networks. The keynote address by Ian Stewart, the Head of Asia, Friendster talked about how markets meaning “people” influenced the growth of social networks as they are now today, the different age groups that uses social networking sites, their behaviors and preferences and their impact on businesses. I realized social networking sites must also grow or evolve as their users also mature or be lost in the social network field. Resource speakers Janette Toral presented ways to make social networking sites work for you and your business, Jerome Almirante and Andrian Lee walked us through the growth of the mobile social network industry and online payments.

The afternoon session focused on SMEs, how they can use Information Technology, the Internet and E-commerce as competitive advantage for their businesses. Resource speakers Adonis Yap of and and Crisela Cervantes of ABS-CBN Interactive/Multiply gave inspiring success stories of SMEs embracing E-commerce and social networking sites.

Other presentations like Level Up!, PLDT SME Nation, Data One Asia and ePLDT gave attendees previews of products and emerging technology and services that are available for SMEs to help them start their journey into eBusiness.

As an entrepreneur, the conference inspired me to maybe explore and delve deeper into e-commerce. I see my business as a small one, a start-up but it's been 3 years and still have not fully took advantages already right in my fingertips maybe finishing this conference help me take the final plunge into e-commerce.

Looking forward to Day 2.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Summer Abundance

I was walking to work yesterday when I saw this huge pile of singkamas “ Mexican Turnip” it caught my eye because of how it was arranged. I was thinking about it the whole day that to my delight it was still there when I came home(I live near Nepa Q Mart) in the afternoon that I could not resist taking photos of it.

Seeing so many fruits signifies how blessed our country is by God. I love summer because of the different fruits in abundance like ripe mangoes, watermelons, melons and of course singkamas.

These fruits remind me of my summers as a child eating fruits during summer outings and ice candies made of ripe mangoes. Yummy!