Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Yahoo! Meme is here!

I’ve been microblogging for a year now and it has become an essential part of my daily routine, greeting from good morning to your friends to telling them what you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner, sharing your immediate moods and feelings.

I find my microblogging community as my support system, we share almost all aspect of our lives on a day to day basis that if you feel down they cheer you up and even help you decide on things if you let them.

This is why when I attended the Blog4Reviews Christmas party last December for their bloggers and partners and Jonas de los Reyes of Yahoo! Philippines introduced us to Yahoo! Meme, I became interested.

Yahoo! Meme is not just any other Microblogging site that it purely text or you are limited to the 140 characters line to express your feelings. With Yahoo! Meme you can share and express yourself thru different media, text, photo, video and audio. Meme also offers easy way of spreading or sharing whatever you find interesting by their one-click repost feature.

Since I signed up in Yahoo! Meme, I’ve meet new people, gone to places I have never been and forged new friendships. Through Yahoo! Meme my world expanded regardless of time and place, I learned new things and saw great places that people around the world share through memes.