Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Graduated Recently? How did you choose the companies you want to work in?

I had an opportunity to catch up on a student of mine who recently graduated, we chatted the afternoon away and talked mostly about his career path and how he choose the company he works for at present and his future career moves. He gave me his permission in blogging some parts of our conversation.

I left out his name and the companies we are talking about for his privacy. I had the opportunity to help him prepare in applying for his current company that is why I have some knowledge of his expectations.

Backgrounder: A recent computer engineering graduate, he is aggressive, above average academically and have the technical knowledge and background in technical support. At present he is being trained in one of the prestigious multination IT company and has a big possibility in being trained abroad after his training here.

And our conversation starts…..

How are you now? Have you started your training?
I really want the work here(his current company) but we have not yet started in my training program. That's why I’m taking chances in applying in other companies. Since I’m a fresh grad, I’m still in the process of wandering around wandering in the sense that I still observe the industry, still observe how can I find ways to push myself around. It’s like collect & collect and then select which company that I would like to work for.

What are your major considerations in choosing an IT company to work for?
What I’m looking for in a company frankly speaking is as much as possible I want it to be a well-known multinational company because I believe there are a lot of opportunities they can give me. And companies will be after you in case you are going to resign or things like that.

Second, is the kind of work that I will be doing, Why? because if I’m not happy with what I’m doing, it will just bore me and I will never be productive as well.

Do you mean the kind of work is more important than the amount of salary you will get?
I’m looking for a kind of work wherein I'll be productive in my chosen field. Salary and benefits would just go second, for me if you are happy because aside that your in a big company and at the same time you like your work salary and benefits would just be like an added perks, a bonus something like that

What is your impression on unknown or starting IT companies as an alternative employer?
It’s ok to work for them as long as you are on the right field. Nothing can beat the real experience on your own field, the actual work and you are not underemployed. But it’s also a personal decision

If there is an offer from an unknown small IT company, what will you look for in the company to even consider working for them?
The kind of work. If I’m exposed to the IT-environment why not right. As I’ve said experience din yun but sometimes u really have to be at your best at that company kasi minsan ang basis ng IT-industry today coming according to my co-workers who already have an experience is mahirap pag lilipat ka na ng company kc minsan hindi rin kinikilala, that's they’re opinion.

My impressions
In my opinion and observations from conversations with graduates applying for a job that the reputation or popularity of an IT company is one of the important factors they are considering. Another consideration is the kind of work that they will do, the work must be in line with their career paths. Most graduates looking for a job look for work where they can be trained and enrich their existing skills and put it in use. Salaries and perks are secondary.

The perceived benefits job seekers can have in being employed in these popular companies “attracts” them in applying. Maybe small and starting out companies could work on their popularity by improving their public relations through adverstising or engaging the services of a public relations company thereby making the public and job seekers know about them and their services. Public relations for IT companies are very helpful specially nowadays that there are so many IT companies and there tends to be confusion on what they are and what kind of services they offer.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

School Days. Rainy Days

I bought my son Lorenzo his school uniform yesterday and since then he can’t seem to part with it. This morning immediately after waking he brought it out and asked to put it on with his new black shoes and proudly parade it to everyone, he even wants to go out of the house and really go to Immaculate.

I have to explain to him that he have to wait till next week to go to school. I have to take his picture so that he can see himself in his uniform anytime. His school bus is also ready and we are counting the days for his first school day.

Tonight we had a very rainy night, heavy downpour, thunder storms and a very long brownout. We had dinner in candlelight and even before we finish eating the flood can inside the house, flood in the bathroom and leaks on the roof.

I concluded that this is the start of the rainy season. We receive a very wet welcome from this season. We live in an apartment compound and every door had been flooded, it was suppose to be repaired this summer by the landlord, promises, promises.

Now I realized that it is really time to look for our own house, maybe not this year but definitely NEXT YEAR.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007

Joining this The Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007 challenge of Janette Toral is really a good way of knowing your fellow bloggers. It keeps you updated in what is going on in the blogosphere and at the same time it enriches you when you are reading blogs of other people.

Here are my Emerging Influential Blogs in 2007 :

An Apple a Day
I like it being informative on a variety of topics nde nakakauyam

Studies in Technoprenuership
I like the discussions on everything IT

Software and Web Development
This site really made me stay put. Its really informative specially on topic of software development and having additional income through your blogs

Stay at Home Mom
Her blog about family makes me happy and gives me food for thought as I am considering being a stay at home mom too.

Like everything about her blog most specially the recipes the she shares
Its about the journey of losing weight, I am interested for I am also in the same journey. It’s nice to know you are not alone.

The D Spot
I like the way she shares her experiences in raising children
Really make me happy for its all about FOOD!

Looney the martian
I am proud of this one, this is a blog of my student. I taught him how to blog and feels happy that my students practices blogging.

Here is my list so far, I'll be updating them regularly.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Enzo is Going to School!

My son Lorenzo is already four years old and we reach an important landmark of his life, “Going to School”, he will be attending Nursery this June 5, 2007. As a mother I am filled with pride, excitement and anxiety.

Pride because I know that my child is intelligent and is an avid reader at his age (he surfs the net almost daily – under supervision of course). Excitement because I look forward of him learning to read and write, telling me about his day in school and hearing him sing new songs. Anxiety because this is the first time in four years that I will let him go and be supervised by someone else besides me(Oh its tough being an mommy and educator for your standards in teaching is high).

I know at his age many will say he started late in attending school for most schools now a days offer nursery as early as 2 ½ yrs old. I don’t really believe in putting children to school unless they are ready and really want to attend one. There might be a case of school burn-out in the future as I witness from my cousins who went to school too early and when it really counted(around senior high school to college) did not want to go to school anymore reasoning that they are already fed up in going to school.

He will be going to school in Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral School in Cubao which is also my alma mater. I can’t believe that its been 20 years since I graduated in that school and is happy about the way the school developed into the way that it is today.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll be blogging about how I chose this school among others in my next articles.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Getting Money Wise

While having my summer general house cleaning done I came across this little booklet about Getting Money Wise, it was a free supplement from a Good Housekeeping Magazine which I bought a few years ago.

I knew I read it all before and reading it again today gave me a new perspective on my family’s immediate and future plans. My son will start his schooling this year and tuition fees and maintenance like the school bus, uniforms etc, need to be included in the family budget. I have plans for buying equipments for my home business and they are not cheap plus I am looking into having a store in the mall. We plan to purchase a house next year. Big Dreams, Big Investments and Big MONEY.

The booklet really helped me check if our financial plans are feasible or not. Here are some tips from the booklet I want to share.

Get Loan–Savvy
If you plan to get a loan here are guide questions you should ask yourselves before getting one.

  1. Do I really need to borrow money?
  2. How much money should I borrow?
  3. Where should I borrow?
  4. How will I pay back the loan?
  5. What should I use as collateral?

Before taking a loan do your homework, shop around for the most reasonable bank interest rates and best rate protection plan. Do not borrow on a whim, there should be a need, because it will cost you more money to pay back the loan.

Being Swipe/Credit Card Smart

  1. Choose the best card for you
  2. Set a budget and work within it. Don’t fall into the trap of buying things just because they are on sale. Schedule when to best use your card without going over your personal limit. Use your card responsibly. Budgeting helps you organize your spending.
  3. Check out offers made to you. Read your statement of accounts for ongoing deals and promotions that may give you better value for your money.
  4. Never skip payment to avoid late payments and fees and finance charge
  5. Pay at least the minimum payment due. But don't make it a habit. The minimun payment is not the only anout you owe. You will be charged interest on the portion of the balance that you don't pay by the due date.
  6. Spend as you earn. Don’t overextend your credit card limit. Don’t spend more than what you can repay.

We have three credit cards and they are included in our monthly budget, believe me they eat a lot of the family budget. But we use them for special purposes like installment of big items like my video camera, aircondition unit and vacation packages (that's what the installment madness is for) and for emergencies like hospitalization down payments. We have a card for the household groceries and minor expenses.

I believed that I use them wisely and using them on big purchases is planned into the family budget. In choosing the right card for you look for special features of the credit card, there are cards that have hospitalization insurance, a drugstore card or a card specially intended for car owners. Instant Internet Remittances using Credit Card. One of our cards even have an electronic card specially intended for online payment use.

Monday, May 14, 2007

The Search for Red Ribbon's Tiramisu

This mother’s day celebration was indeed memorable for my family(my parents, a younger brother and my own family) , we went to church in the morning and spent the day strolling around Araneta Center in Cubao. Window shopped for my son’s school shoes and bought him a new toy and a new blender for myself. Went to Shopwise for some items needed for the afternoon’s special snacks. We had a prepared it already before we left the house in the morning.

The Tiramisu:
My husband decided to surprise me with Red Ribbon’s Tiramisu Meltdown as a Mother’s Day Gift, that was the plan. He went to the Red Ribbon store early in the morning and said that he will meet us at the church. After an hour he went back home frustrated and told me that my gift is not yet available and said that he will go back again after the mass. That was when he told me about the tiramisu gift.

Many of my friends know that I so loved chocolates and cakes and a few weeks before I have this late night cravings for chocolate mousse, not just any choco mousse it must be “Red Ribbon” and was disappointed when he brought home one of a different brand. So at present my target was the Tiramisu Meltdown of Red Ribbon.

The Search:
After the mass we went back to the Red Ribbon outlet and lo and behold it was Out-of-Stock already, and two hours just had passed since my husband inquired about the cake. My husband has a binyagan to attend to that afternoon at Aberdeen Court while the whole family went home.

While at the binyagan my husband told his friends about his Tiramisu search and they decided to help. The went to Red Ribbon’s branches as SM Manila, Ever Grand Central, Araneta Square and Kamias. To cut the story short my very tired husband went home pass nine in the evening with no Tiramisu show for it. He was really disappointed, during his search, I told him just to stop for we can always buy the next day.

The Next Day: Election Day
After voting we decided to search for this Elusive Tiramisu Meltdown, went to the Marikina branch and at Cubao again but it was still Out-of-Stock. I can’t help telling the Red Ribbon crew why did they not prepare for the demand for the cakes when they know it is a best seller.

Present Day
The Tiramisu Meltdown cake at Red Ribbon is already available but it seems my cravings had already passed. Oh well I decided not to buy anymore since we just came from my son’s pedia and he is again having an allergic attack from chocolates and is banned from eating any for the next two weeks. It will be hard, for we have so many kinds of chocolates in the house. At least my husband gave me the money for the cake and was told to spend it on anything I like, now that is YUMMY.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

3rd Annual Educator’s Assembly

I attended Every Nation Campus Ministry’s 3rd Annual Educator’s Assembly last Tuesday, May 8, 2007 held at the Assembly Hall of Every Nation Building at Bonifacio Global City. I was invited to the event by my students and went there with my good friend Pedrito.

The assembly aims to recognize and honor educators, encourage them in preparation for the upcoming school year, and reaffirm their commitment to partner with educators in preparing students for L.I.F.E.(Leadeship, Integrity, Faith and Excellence).

The assembly was attended by educators(Elementary, High School and College levels) and school officials from different schools in Metro Manila and nearby provinces.

The speakers talked about how important the role of a teacher in a child’s life, there were group exercises encouraging everyone to share stories about the teacher in your life that left a big impression or had a big influence in you. It was fun and it showed everybody how a caring teacher can influence the future of a child.

Stories were shared about how a teacher help a young child survive a broken family and how a timid child gained self confidence. Speakers stressed the important role the teachers play in the future of the country and how problems in our society can be solved thru proper education and caring educators. They also recognize that “Teaching a very fulfilling profession but it comes with great sacrifice”.

I personally know that teaching is a labor of love, but the happiness I gain from it is priceless. The attendees are encouraged NOT TO GIVE UP. It was acknowledged that there are times that we may feel giving up teaching and look for other jobs but we must also think of the students that we can help to have a bright future. What will happen to them if we just quit on them, what will happen to the future of our country?

Questions were also asked for educators to reflect upon:

  • What motivates you in your profession?
  • What keeps you going?
  • What makes you go above and beyond just teaching your students and becoming their second mother or their friend?

The last speaker talked about how teachers are “influencers” and these influences never stop even after the student finishes his schooling. He talked about how can a teacher build up or destroy the future of a student by the choice of WORDS he utters.

He discussed the principle of Words that is more effective and fulfilling tool for education. He cited passages from the Bible about how powerful the “words” we utter. He said that through using “words” we as educators have the power to:

  1. Impart Faith – where in we can encourage our students that they can achieve their dreams
  2. Build Self Esteem – where we can support our students and let them know that we believe in his abilities, encourage him in his studies and talents.
  3. To Set destiny – as teachers we are looked upon by our students as a person of authority and anything we say to them have a great impact on their being.

He mentioned some examples like how a former basketball coach told a player that he can’t play basketball thus setting the student to be poor in basketball and how a survey/research done abroad determined a certain group of youngsters to be failures early on was turned around upon the arrival of a teacher that simply loved them.

All in all the assembly served as a great motivator for the educators that attended. I for one can’t wait for the school year to start.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Planning my Online Business

As many of you know I have turned my chocolates and baking hobby into an online business. I started small, selling my existing products and just limiting serving customers the traditional way, like transacting thru COD (cash on delivery). My business is a seasonal business but since going online I discovered that I can develop products that can sell the whole year round. I am currently developing them.

As for the business side of, I am currently researching elements that I think my business needs especially now that I plan to have a wide range of products this coming Christmas plus considering offering it nationwide.

I have identified those key elements to make my online business succeed. They are:
  • a great website,
  • a marketing strategy,
  • an electronic payment facility and
  • logistics or delivery facility

Making great website starts with what do you want your customers to know about you, your company and your products. It must answer the questions on how your customer can have a transaction with you, especially details on payment and delivery of goods. A marketing strategy must be mapped up for even though the Internet is an equalizer for businesses online you still have to think of ways to make people find you on the Internet.

The last two elements are the tricky ones. This is where great care and decision must be made. Having an electronic payment facility on your website today is easy for there are many modes of payments available. But one must assess if the kind of electronic payment you plan to have is applicable to your type of business. Philippine Internet Payment Gateway Accepting Credit Cards Guide. Asking your bank if they can facilitate your online transactions or even your ISPs if they have electronic payment packages. Logistics or simply the way you will deliver your products to your customers is also one of the most crucial decisions we have to consider. Details like competitive delivery fees, areas serviced by the logistics company, the easy tracking of items delivered and reputation of the company must be taken into account.

I am still a long way in making my business a truly e-commerce one, but with the steps I am taking in planning it I now I will succeed. If you have suggestions feel free to contact me.

Monday, May 07, 2007

A Celebration of Marriage

My husband and I celebrated our 7th Wedding Anniversary last Sunday. What’s different with this one is that it was my husband who planned how we celebrate our anniversary.

It made a great impact in me because this is the only time since we had our son that we were really alone together for 24hours. Since having a child we often include him on our dates and it really kills the romantic mood sometimes.

My husband prepared a real treat for me, showing how he really knows me. He found this hotel suite that has a 60-inch television with cable, a DVD player and a Jacuzzi. As you might have guessed I am a TV addict and I had the time of my life. We spent the day going around Quiapo, eating at our favorite chinese restaurant and rediscovering each other.

It made me realize that events like this must be held of great importance. It gave us a time to recharge the batteries of our marriage, to reflect and review on our plans for the family’s future and re-affirm our love for each other.

We were almost sorry it has to end, and was tempted to extend our stay. On the way home we promised to do it again next year.

Friday, May 04, 2007

Hail to the Batch 2007 Graduates!

Hail to the graduate!
Looking great and feeling fit!
Oh, so proud and full of it!
This day belongs to you.

I remember your plans and hopes and fears,
as you were starting your challenging years.
Your hardwork have now paid off
and off you go to the great beyond.

So go along and have some fun,
Learn some new things on the run,
And should you meet some special one,
Always remember that If you need my help I would come.

You've been a great student and a good friend.
In fact, I would not have it any other way.
Times we shared in my heart I keep and
I hope I am kept in your hearts too.

joan c. piñon

Today is the graduation of our Computer Engineering students in PUP, some regrets I feel that I am not there on their special day, so through this poem I honor them.

I got this special poem from Nicholas Gordon modified it a little to reflect what I feel.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Labor of Love

It's 3 AM in the morning, the first of May, a holiday, and the country is celebrating Labor Day. I am currently in a vigil, my son is sick and I am keeping a close watch on his fever ... well I check his temperature every few minutes(he is prone to convulsions) and while waiting I get to write this article as well as playing fish tycoon.

It's Labor day today where we get to celebrate and honor the country's workforce but as this day starts I get to reflect on a different kind of labor, where in a woman is transformed into a mother. Becoming a mother is one of my cherished dreams and I had to wait for almost three years before I became one, and going into labor is just the start of it.

Being a mother is really a labor of love, its 24/7, like right now who knows when I can get some sleep. The truth is I really can’t sleep when my son is sick I worry too much, I can only rest if I know he is ok. I do these things because I love my son, he is the joy in my life. Being a mother has made me understand and appreciate my mother more. I realized how much she sacrificed and “labored” to put all three of us through college and my mother works as a government clerk with a year to go before retirement and her salary is still less than ten thousand pesos.

When we were growing up, I have never heard Mama complain about how tired she is or how hard it is for her to provide for the family (my father is a construction worker before and jobs are few) even now with bad arthritis knees she still goes to work everyday climbing up and down those stairs of the LRT2(Recto to Santolan Line) then walking to their office building a few blocks from the jeepney stop everyday when you meet her you might not see her discomfort she always have a smile on her lips.

My mother is a very strong person, maybe I will never get to be that strong, maybe having a mother’s love for her children and family gives you the strength to go on and do what needs to be done.

This month we also get to celebrate Mother’s Day, a day we pay tribute to the person who brought us to the world, protected us, loved us, nurtured us and played a key role of who we are today, OUR MOTHER. Express your gratitude to your moms by sending them a special gift.

To me the sweetest word I love to hear is when my son calls me “Mommy”. This Mother’s Day I will prepare something special for all the mothers in my life my Mama and my Nanay (mother-in-law) both are strong women and my guide and inspiration through this rewarding road of motherhood.