Tuesday, May 29, 2007

School Days. Rainy Days

I bought my son Lorenzo his school uniform yesterday and since then he can’t seem to part with it. This morning immediately after waking he brought it out and asked to put it on with his new black shoes and proudly parade it to everyone, he even wants to go out of the house and really go to Immaculate.

I have to explain to him that he have to wait till next week to go to school. I have to take his picture so that he can see himself in his uniform anytime. His school bus is also ready and we are counting the days for his first school day.

Tonight we had a very rainy night, heavy downpour, thunder storms and a very long brownout. We had dinner in candlelight and even before we finish eating the flood can inside the house, flood in the bathroom and leaks on the roof.

I concluded that this is the start of the rainy season. We receive a very wet welcome from this season. We live in an apartment compound and every door had been flooded, it was suppose to be repaired this summer by the landlord, promises, promises.

Now I realized that it is really time to look for our own house, maybe not this year but definitely NEXT YEAR.


Mark said...

Hahaha! That's really cute. I wonder if my son will be just as excited when he reaches that age.

SexyMom said...

he seems to be very excited! with this good disposition, it will not be difficult at all for him to adjust with schooling, great start...