Friday, May 04, 2007

Hail to the Batch 2007 Graduates!

Hail to the graduate!
Looking great and feeling fit!
Oh, so proud and full of it!
This day belongs to you.

I remember your plans and hopes and fears,
as you were starting your challenging years.
Your hardwork have now paid off
and off you go to the great beyond.

So go along and have some fun,
Learn some new things on the run,
And should you meet some special one,
Always remember that If you need my help I would come.

You've been a great student and a good friend.
In fact, I would not have it any other way.
Times we shared in my heart I keep and
I hope I am kept in your hearts too.

joan c. piñon

Today is the graduation of our Computer Engineering students in PUP, some regrets I feel that I am not there on their special day, so through this poem I honor them.

I got this special poem from Nicholas Gordon modified it a little to reflect what I feel.


gem said...

How nice and at last, I graduated! What should I do now? Hehe... ako, tuloy ang career syempre! I wanted to be a successful programmer/engineer! Why did i choose that path? Syempre, It's because my role model... my ate, my friend and my teacher... no other else but Mam Joan! Yan ang programmer teacher ko! Kundi dahil sa kanya, di ako magiging programmer ngayon! I was inspired by her motivations nung teacher pa namin sya. I also wanted to give her my honor in part of my graduation because she was really a big part in my life when I was studying and when i was her student. Thanks alot to you Mam Joan! This is the last moment of our lives as student. We want to dedicate this graduation too to our parents who hardly supported and brought us here to the end of our path of school life.

Again, maraming-maraming salamat po sa'yo Ma'am Joan! Congtulations to all the graduates as well!

Jho Cabrera said...

thanks mam jo..ul always be a part of this batch..not only for as our mentor..but also for being our friend..(pasensya na po kung hindi masyadong maayos yung comment time po mas gagandahan ko pa..heheh)..God bless you always..(good luck po sa mga future plans niyo..)

Mary Grace said...

hail also to you ma'am! you're such a great teacher in our class and a wonderful friend in 'real' life. you've been an inspiration to many, a devoted teacher, a loving mother and a loyal wife. Bihira po ang ganung teacher ngayon! Lalo pa sa college! Master pa! Hindi nakakapagtakang maraming na-iinggit sa inyo! Thanks for being a part of whom we are right now! Thanks and God bless you as well as your family!

jebsen borling said...

i really love poems and this is my new favorite!!! well all i can say is thank you soooo much Jesus for giving me the chance to meet a great person like Ms. Joan. for me she's not just our college professor but a friend too. and honored ako na naging she treat me as her friend too, and not just her student.
what i really love about this person is her being positive most of the time. she always support our dreams and goals and giving advice as a friend and a mother. basta love ko siya. :)
goodluck po sa lahat ng business!!
God bless and always keep in touch.