Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Planning my Online Business

As many of you know I have turned my chocolates and baking hobby into an online business. I started small, selling my existing products and just limiting serving customers the traditional way, like transacting thru COD (cash on delivery). My business is a seasonal business but since going online I discovered that I can develop products that can sell the whole year round. I am currently developing them.

As for the business side of mylittlebaker.com, I am currently researching elements that I think my business needs especially now that I plan to have a wide range of products this coming Christmas plus considering offering it nationwide.

I have identified those key elements to make my online business succeed. They are:
  • a great website,
  • a marketing strategy,
  • an electronic payment facility and
  • logistics or delivery facility

Making great website starts with what do you want your customers to know about you, your company and your products. It must answer the questions on how your customer can have a transaction with you, especially details on payment and delivery of goods. A marketing strategy must be mapped up for even though the Internet is an equalizer for businesses online you still have to think of ways to make people find you on the Internet.

The last two elements are the tricky ones. This is where great care and decision must be made. Having an electronic payment facility on your website today is easy for there are many modes of payments available. But one must assess if the kind of electronic payment you plan to have is applicable to your type of business. Philippine Internet Payment Gateway Accepting Credit Cards Guide. Asking your bank if they can facilitate your online transactions or even your ISPs if they have electronic payment packages. Logistics or simply the way you will deliver your products to your customers is also one of the most crucial decisions we have to consider. Details like competitive delivery fees, areas serviced by the logistics company, the easy tracking of items delivered and reputation of the company must be taken into account.

I am still a long way in making my business a truly e-commerce one, but with the steps I am taking in planning it I now I will succeed. If you have suggestions feel free to contact me.

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