Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Graduated Recently? How did you choose the companies you want to work in?

I had an opportunity to catch up on a student of mine who recently graduated, we chatted the afternoon away and talked mostly about his career path and how he choose the company he works for at present and his future career moves. He gave me his permission in blogging some parts of our conversation.

I left out his name and the companies we are talking about for his privacy. I had the opportunity to help him prepare in applying for his current company that is why I have some knowledge of his expectations.

Backgrounder: A recent computer engineering graduate, he is aggressive, above average academically and have the technical knowledge and background in technical support. At present he is being trained in one of the prestigious multination IT company and has a big possibility in being trained abroad after his training here.

And our conversation starts…..

How are you now? Have you started your training?
I really want the work here(his current company) but we have not yet started in my training program. That's why I’m taking chances in applying in other companies. Since I’m a fresh grad, I’m still in the process of wandering around wandering in the sense that I still observe the industry, still observe how can I find ways to push myself around. It’s like collect & collect and then select which company that I would like to work for.

What are your major considerations in choosing an IT company to work for?
What I’m looking for in a company frankly speaking is as much as possible I want it to be a well-known multinational company because I believe there are a lot of opportunities they can give me. And companies will be after you in case you are going to resign or things like that.

Second, is the kind of work that I will be doing, Why? because if I’m not happy with what I’m doing, it will just bore me and I will never be productive as well.

Do you mean the kind of work is more important than the amount of salary you will get?
I’m looking for a kind of work wherein I'll be productive in my chosen field. Salary and benefits would just go second, for me if you are happy because aside that your in a big company and at the same time you like your work salary and benefits would just be like an added perks, a bonus something like that

What is your impression on unknown or starting IT companies as an alternative employer?
It’s ok to work for them as long as you are on the right field. Nothing can beat the real experience on your own field, the actual work and you are not underemployed. But it’s also a personal decision

If there is an offer from an unknown small IT company, what will you look for in the company to even consider working for them?
The kind of work. If I’m exposed to the IT-environment why not right. As I’ve said experience din yun but sometimes u really have to be at your best at that company kasi minsan ang basis ng IT-industry today coming according to my co-workers who already have an experience is mahirap pag lilipat ka na ng company kc minsan hindi rin kinikilala, that's they’re opinion.

My impressions
In my opinion and observations from conversations with graduates applying for a job that the reputation or popularity of an IT company is one of the important factors they are considering. Another consideration is the kind of work that they will do, the work must be in line with their career paths. Most graduates looking for a job look for work where they can be trained and enrich their existing skills and put it in use. Salaries and perks are secondary.

The perceived benefits job seekers can have in being employed in these popular companies “attracts” them in applying. Maybe small and starting out companies could work on their popularity by improving their public relations through adverstising or engaging the services of a public relations company thereby making the public and job seekers know about them and their services. Public relations for IT companies are very helpful specially nowadays that there are so many IT companies and there tends to be confusion on what they are and what kind of services they offer.

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