Saturday, May 19, 2007

Enzo is Going to School!

My son Lorenzo is already four years old and we reach an important landmark of his life, “Going to School”, he will be attending Nursery this June 5, 2007. As a mother I am filled with pride, excitement and anxiety.

Pride because I know that my child is intelligent and is an avid reader at his age (he surfs the net almost daily – under supervision of course). Excitement because I look forward of him learning to read and write, telling me about his day in school and hearing him sing new songs. Anxiety because this is the first time in four years that I will let him go and be supervised by someone else besides me(Oh its tough being an mommy and educator for your standards in teaching is high).

I know at his age many will say he started late in attending school for most schools now a days offer nursery as early as 2 ½ yrs old. I don’t really believe in putting children to school unless they are ready and really want to attend one. There might be a case of school burn-out in the future as I witness from my cousins who went to school too early and when it really counted(around senior high school to college) did not want to go to school anymore reasoning that they are already fed up in going to school.

He will be going to school in Immaculate Concepcion Cathedral School in Cubao which is also my alma mater. I can’t believe that its been 20 years since I graduated in that school and is happy about the way the school developed into the way that it is today.

Well that’s it for now. I’ll be blogging about how I chose this school among others in my next articles.