Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hurray! Red Mobile now services 2G phones!

I am rejoicing because Red Mobile can now be used in 2G phones! Now more people can enjoy their lowest rate of P0.50/min using any phone. I had my Red Mobile sim for a few months now, even had my friends and family convinced to switch to Red Mobile, they did but was disappointed that it was for 3G phones then. I end up being the only one using Red Mobile because I am the only who have a 3G phone.

But now we have a reason to celebrate! My friends can start using their Red Mobiles! Do you know that you can call anywhere in the Philippines at P0.50/min if you use Red Mobile? They also have the cheapest/lowest call rates around.

Since in our country cellphones are a must, and as Filipinos we value communication be it with our family and friends, we are always on the lookout for the cheapest/lowest rate for prepaid that any provider can give. And Red Mobile can provide that for us, for red to red voice and video calls is only 50 centavos per minute.

You don’t have to worry that cheaper rates might mean low quality in terms communications because Red Mobiles uses the same telecommunication infrastructures and technology of SMART. This means that Red Mobile will be powered the widest in the Philippine mobile network industry all by 8, 477 cellsites.

So friends let’s start using our Red Mobiles now!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

A Last look at Summer

Being a college professor, summer is a time to recharge and learn new things. It’s actually when I made my plans for the whole year with the coming school year as a basis for the activities and goals I want to achieve.

One of the “perks” of being a teacher is having a two-month summer vacation no pay off course but at least you can do anything in that two months and go back to your job by June.

I usually plan my summer activities at the start of the year, giving me ample time to save for it. This year I get to go to the beach! Puerto Galera. I am not a beach person, hate the salty water, the hassle just to get there, and swimming pool is just fine for me.  But this year our faculty department planned the outing as a form of professional development-team building activity and with minimal fees. I decided to join since I’ve never been to Puerto Galera and to show support for my department.

I brought my son too, since he have never been to a beach before and he wants to go to Boracay(too expensive) and play on white sand. But before that I enrolled Lorenzo in swimming lessons, we have been planning it for three years now and somehow plans did not push through for one reason or another. As a parent one of the gifts you can give your child is teaching him survival skills and swimming is one of them.

The lessons were a success that I decided to continue the lessons every year. He learned the basics on the water with special focus on water safety and survival skills. Important skills since we are going to another island via a small motorized boat from the Batangas Port to Oriental Mindoro. I was planning of giving Lorenzo several summer classes to attend this year, but he enjoyed the swimming lessons so much that he refused the other lessons like singing or dancing lessons or karate. So we end up letting him play at Playwise, a playground at the mall twice a week the rest of the summer.

Puerto Galera

My co-teachers and I stayed at Puerto Galera for three days, renting a house we cooked our meals, island hopped and basically eat, swim and sleep the days away it was so relaxing that we can’t help but exclaim that we should do this more often. We realized that after a year of hectic schedules, test papers to check and grades to compute we really have to recharge and de-stress.

I also came to the conclusion that having a relaxing vacation even once a year is good for you. My husband and I are workaholics and it’s been years since we took a proper vacation / an out of town one at that.  I promised myself that I would plan something like the Puerto Galera vacation I had for my family before the year ends.

The other things this Summer?

This summer was crucial for me I have an important decision to make, my husband is asking me to give up some teaching job because it takes me away from my family and just concentrate on my business, after all he is a good provider, but there were also offers for me to really work full time in teaching, administrative/managerial positions. I was in a struggle, at one hand I get to fulfil a dream – a full time wife and mother take care of my boys; on the other I am at the height of my academic career, being offered jobs that I could only dream about. I spent some time with my friends and family asking for their opinion and using the time to bond with them as well.

It was a very difficult choice: family or career, summer was nearly over when fate intervened and I was forced to choose but I'll tell that story another time.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing around in my Sandbox

I have been hearing about Sandbox from my friends for weeks now. I got so intrigued that I decided to visit the site, saw David Cook on the first page and sign up. Did you know I am a sucker for any showbiz news? The site really called to me I really have to check this one out.

There are services like friendster but with online store, you can keep in touch with friends and check out what’s hot in their tunes section, movies or even in their TV/Videos section. You can download games and music for you mobile phone at P30.00 per song cheaper than iTunes.

It is easy to stay connected to friends and at the same time be updated with the latest news in the city. They even give freebies from your fave stores. You can also check out the forums and discuss topics close to you heart or even the latest issues in the country.

The site in still new so there are still features not yet activated but I am eager to try in the future like chat, findme and watch me. Sandbox also have services like facebook but with online store, for an enterprising person like me its perfect to sell my products or shop for bargains in their Digisoria (a digital Divisoria).

Sandbox is a social networking site developed by a Filipino, and I take pride in supporting one of our own. I have a great time playing in Sandbox, checking out the latest news, browsing through games and checking out what’s hot in forums, new friends and basically lost track of time. Now I know why my friends exclaim their got crazy using their sandbox.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Love that Lasts A Lifetime

I attended my uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary last Saturday, May 23, 2009. They renewed their marriage vows at the Our Lady of Mercy, at Novaliches, Q.C. I was hesitant to attend the event for I was thinking we are not that close and I don’t have a “special reason to be there”. But since I was available and would meet with relatives I have not seen for a very long time I accompanied my parents to the event. My uncle Liling is my mother’s brother and my father stood as their primary sponsor.

Celebrating a golden wedding anniversary is a momentous event, not everyone would have the opportunity to celebrate it. I remember my grandparents having plans to celebrate it but my grandfather died a few months before they can even start planning.

Being a guest on a grand event like this I realize is a privilege, you can’t help but feel the triumph and gratefulness they felt toward God that they we still able to celebrate they love after fifty years. The guests were composed of family (all extended family was required to attend) and friends from childhood to present.

My Uncle Liling and Auntie Helen were married at the age of 17, in a civil wedding ceremony fifty years ago and had eight children. I remember when I was a child visiting them in a small room they rented under a big house in Sampaloc, Manila. My uncle worked in Saudi as an OFW as long as I remember until he retired a few years ago. At present they live in a big house in Caloocan City and was blessed with more that twenty grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I come to realize how precious love is, how love that stood the test of time is an achievement worked on continuously by both partners. My uncle’s and auntie’s marriage withstood so much from poverty, long distance relationship, the great responsibility to bring up eight children and being triumphant in the end.

Congratulations Liling and Helen Penollar!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to witness a love so true and strong. Thank you for sharing with us your triumphs.

Thank you for inspiring us in these times were love seems to be equated with lust and marriage relegated to be just a piece of paper.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buying or Selling Something? AyosDito!

One of my goals this year is to buy a car. I even allocated time and money for driving lessons. Ask friends and family for advice and got thousands of advices from buying second hand, brand new cars or even ditch the whole idea of having one.

I even collected fliers from different car manufacturers, and consulted the internet on buy & sale websites. One of the websites that I found very interesting and very useful is The website is quite new, and shows the map of the Philippines you just have to click the region/location where you want buy or sell goods in. The map is interactive that it highlights the region you chose. Once your in the area you clicked you can start putting up ads or browse through items on sale.

Since I was looking to buy cars, I clicked on the cars categories and put the parameters I want. One feature I love about is the images! You can view the cars on sale while scrolling down the list. Clicking on the title of the car you want give you details about the car on sale with different images of the car, front view, side view, even the passenger view. Details about the car on sale are extensive and the seller is available. The site even have important reminders to buyers to never pay in advance to a seller you don’t know.

All in all I will be a regular visitor of this site. There’s lots of stuff on sale to browse through. My cousin said they bought their cool car on a buy and sell magazine, maybe I will get lucky here.

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

9 Reasons Why I Love my Husband

It’s our 9th wedding anniversary today, May 6, 2009. Looking back all I can say I am one fortunate woman to be loved by this awesome man named Samuel. We hit a few rocky spots early in our marriage but luckily we survived it. Today, all I can say is that we are more in-love each other and is more passionate with each other in and out of bed. Everyday I thank the Lord for giving me my husband to love and to cherish.

 I would like to share the 9 reasons why I love my husband

(In no particular order) 

  1. I can pursue any career I want and he gives his 100% support . When I graduated in my masters degree he thought I would go back to working in the office but I decided to enroll in a baking class instead and continue working as a teacher. He accepted that and continue to give me moral support to any career decision I take.
  2. He calmly accepts any hair color and hairstyle I decide to sport. I love coloring my hair and just loves getting curly hair. My hair color is ash brown now and the highlights I had last christmas is still there. I just love my hair. 
  3. I can shop whenever I want and wherever I want to. Shopping for me is like therapy and a ritual so when I freak out during Mega Sales he's just amused. I don't even have to hide from him if I go all out to Divisoria, which I do every three months. (Everything is included in the budget of course)
  4. I can go out with friends. I can bond with my set of friends and he can too, I believe its important to once in a while connect with friends for its good for the soul. I always encourage him to reach out to his friends as sort stress reliever. It's nice to once in a while know you are loved by other people other than your family.
  5. He doesn’t order me to lose weight or start dieting. I hear co-workers and friends at new year being told by their husbands to start dieting and lose weight. REALLY. The nerve, even telling her that she looks lovely when he married her years ago. I just get to grin for my husband is the one dieting LOL! But seriously, I want to stay healthy too, just on my own pace.
  6. I can wear and clothes I want. I know girlfriends having boyfriends and husbands approving and even buying the clothes they should wear, its creepy. I am not that adventurous in clothes thank GOD. I wear simple inexpensive and comfortable clothes. 
  7. He keeps me grounded, I am always dreaming and planning things and he is the practical one, shoots down my ideas or plan everytime I get carried away. We complement each other, He's a Virgo and I'm a Pisces. Enough said.
  8. I get all his earnings 100%, even the sidelines :-D. I really love that. Plus I get to keep all my salary to myself. He always joke that my passtime is counting money. Kidding aside. I am so lucky to have a husband who gives me everything! Budgetting is hard but I am also responsible in making sure our future is secured. 
  9. He makes me feel sexy and desirable 24/7. I am a very dirty sexy mommy!

Loving someone is a two-way street. He knows he is my one and only love and I will take good care of him and our family. I am a lover, friend, wife and partner all rolled into one.

Happy Anniversary SAM!  I Love You Forever!