Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Buying or Selling Something? AyosDito!

One of my goals this year is to buy a car. I even allocated time and money for driving lessons. Ask friends and family for advice and got thousands of advices from buying second hand, brand new cars or even ditch the whole idea of having one.

I even collected fliers from different car manufacturers, and consulted the internet on buy & sale websites. One of the websites that I found very interesting and very useful is The website is quite new, and shows the map of the Philippines you just have to click the region/location where you want buy or sell goods in. The map is interactive that it highlights the region you chose. Once your in the area you clicked you can start putting up ads or browse through items on sale.

Since I was looking to buy cars, I clicked on the cars categories and put the parameters I want. One feature I love about is the images! You can view the cars on sale while scrolling down the list. Clicking on the title of the car you want give you details about the car on sale with different images of the car, front view, side view, even the passenger view. Details about the car on sale are extensive and the seller is available. The site even have important reminders to buyers to never pay in advance to a seller you don’t know.

All in all I will be a regular visitor of this site. There’s lots of stuff on sale to browse through. My cousin said they bought their cool car on a buy and sell magazine, maybe I will get lucky here.

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