Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Playing around in my Sandbox

I have been hearing about Sandbox from my friends for weeks now. I got so intrigued that I decided to visit the site, saw David Cook on the first page and sign up. Did you know I am a sucker for any showbiz news? The site really called to me I really have to check this one out.

There are services like friendster but with online store, you can keep in touch with friends and check out what’s hot in their tunes section, movies or even in their TV/Videos section. You can download games and music for you mobile phone at P30.00 per song cheaper than iTunes.

It is easy to stay connected to friends and at the same time be updated with the latest news in the city. They even give freebies from your fave stores. You can also check out the forums and discuss topics close to you heart or even the latest issues in the country.

The site in still new so there are still features not yet activated but I am eager to try in the future like chat, findme and watch me. Sandbox also have services like facebook but with online store, for an enterprising person like me its perfect to sell my products or shop for bargains in their Digisoria (a digital Divisoria).

Sandbox is a social networking site developed by a Filipino, and I take pride in supporting one of our own. I have a great time playing in Sandbox, checking out the latest news, browsing through games and checking out what’s hot in forums, new friends and basically lost track of time. Now I know why my friends exclaim their got crazy using their sandbox.

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