Monday, January 10, 2011

Minute Maid Pulpy, Love that Pulpy Taste!

I just drank a bottle of Minute Maid Pulpy. They say it’s got ‘no preservatives added’. Aw, c’mon…It’s bottled juice. Is that even possible? So I thought maybe... I should try it, just to confirm.

I didn’t believe it the first time I heard it’s got no preservatives added. So I read the ingredients (even the fine print) and everything checked out! It really has NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED! That means it doesn’t have ingredients that may turn out to be allergens, or worse...carcinogens! Whew! Now that’s healthy goodness that tastes so good, I... think it passed my criteria for a healthy drink. I have a son that has allergies and he is allergic to most juice drinks available in the market. His pedia advised me to stay away from juice drinks that is full of preservatives and other harmful chemicals.

So okay, it’s got no preservatives added. That’s really good, right? Not just because it doesn’t have those icky, harmful ingredients, but it also means... I am assured that my family will have this healthy drink that they can enjoy anytime and anywhere.

So far anyone who still has a hard time believing that Minute Maid has got no preservatives added - meaning it's THAT natural, it's almost like it's plucked straight from the tree, it's just as Mother Nature wanted your orange juice to be, it's got nothing but the good stuff yes, none of those potentially toxic stuff that can harm your brain, kidneys, heart; cause tumors aargh- the list of preservatives' bad effects just go on!!! Anyway, just to prove a point on just how good Minute Maid Pulpy is 'cause it's got NO PRESERVATIVES ADDED, I'm gonna serve it to my family, they are real juice drinkers specially at breakfast. I would also tell my friends how healthy Minute Maid Pulpy is and they should share it with their family too.

Feels good to know about the real pulpy deal, right? C’mon show me a smile on the comment box, and you might win yourself a Really Pulpy Deal! (That’s a chance to win a Minute Maid gift pack simply by commenting. Sweet! C'mon you just might be picked as the lucky 'commentor'!)



Do you like Minute Maid Pulpy too? Join this contest. I heard about this contest from Janette Toral. Thanks Janette!

Monday, January 03, 2011

Reviewing 2010 and looking Ahead

I had great plans for 2010 but it did not turn out that way, what happened was something much grander than I have ever dreamed possible. God is not just good but GREAT!

In 2010 we became home owners. Owning a house was supposed to be a priority before starting a family, well all I can say is that nothing can compare to the feeling of waking in the morning in a house that you own. I should know, I lived in a rented house my whole life.

Change of plans. In 2010 my priorities changed, family and home became my topmost concern. We were moving into a new house, a new province actually, meeting new people and experiencing a new lifestyle. My professional life took a backseat but I don’t mind for family is more important.

Looking Ahead

At the start of 2011, I started my Snacks Shop here at home and business is brisk and steady. I hope to open a Coffee shop this year. Health is also a priority for us, we live with my parents and I am concerned about them being fit, so their general check up is being scheduled this month.

Everything is looking good so far, there are travel plans, I need to renew that passport soon. I would like to have a piggery, so were studying the feasibility of that one. Plus our ‘hacienda’ in Baras maybe awarded to us this year. I also pledged a little girl to help finance her studies.

My blogs have been neglected this past year, plus my social presence diminished, this year I promised myself to reach out more online and add another blog or two.

Cheers to 2011!

Thank you Lord for giving us this New Year.