Monday, January 03, 2011

Reviewing 2010 and looking Ahead

I had great plans for 2010 but it did not turn out that way, what happened was something much grander than I have ever dreamed possible. God is not just good but GREAT!

In 2010 we became home owners. Owning a house was supposed to be a priority before starting a family, well all I can say is that nothing can compare to the feeling of waking in the morning in a house that you own. I should know, I lived in a rented house my whole life.

Change of plans. In 2010 my priorities changed, family and home became my topmost concern. We were moving into a new house, a new province actually, meeting new people and experiencing a new lifestyle. My professional life took a backseat but I don’t mind for family is more important.

Looking Ahead

At the start of 2011, I started my Snacks Shop here at home and business is brisk and steady. I hope to open a Coffee shop this year. Health is also a priority for us, we live with my parents and I am concerned about them being fit, so their general check up is being scheduled this month.

Everything is looking good so far, there are travel plans, I need to renew that passport soon. I would like to have a piggery, so were studying the feasibility of that one. Plus our ‘hacienda’ in Baras maybe awarded to us this year. I also pledged a little girl to help finance her studies.

My blogs have been neglected this past year, plus my social presence diminished, this year I promised myself to reach out more online and add another blog or two.

Cheers to 2011!

Thank you Lord for giving us this New Year.

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