Thursday, January 03, 2008

A Year, A New Hope

A new year for me means a new opportunity to better oneself. To avoid past mistakes and apply what you have learned from them. It can also mean a new life ahead, a promise of a greater future.

I am surrounded of young people, some at the crossroads of their career life, some already making a head start for the life they always planned to have. A few of them have me to help and support in any decisions they make, they are my cousins, some just graduated from college and currently deciding to move on to a new job and some deciding on what courses should they take to make their dreams come true. Some are friends who are on the crossroads to work abroad or stay here in the country. Even I just got unsolicited advice from well meaning relatives to just stop working here and go abroad to work.

Work or a source of income. They say money make the world go round, some dreams cost money like house and lot, cars, clothes etc. That is why choosing the right career path or the right company to work in is crucial. But in order to be accepted to the company you would like to work in, also involve planning. You have to do research about the company what they do and do you really think it can help you achieve your goals and you also have to market yourself for them to hire you.

Resumes are an important to get you hired, even my husband and I who both applied to new companies/institutions this past year had to redesign our resumes to land the jobs we want. There are many websites available to help you construct a great resume and some offer resume service wherein they can actually help you come out with polished resumes.

So prepare you resumes carefully, it’s the first step in impressing your future employers.

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