Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Free Vacation?

I have been getting this phone call lately about having won a free 3 day hotel accommodations at Days Hotel for 4 persons, all I have to do is to go to their office somewhere in Ortigas to claim the prize. But I have to bring my husband with me and there is something like a presentation we have to listen to first.

I have been getting these calls while teaching my class, and the noise level in school is high so that I didn’t get clearly the details the caller on the phone was telling me. I ask her to call on weekends instead. Since me and my husband works there is no opportunity for us to claim the prize of that free hotel accommodation anytime soon. I am also wondering how they got my information, I’ve been to different seminars and conferences lately and dropped my calling cards to different booths on those events so maybe they got it there though I can’t remember any particular company that asked me if I am interested on a vacation.

I don’t get good vibes about the “prize” I won but having free accommodation at Days Hotel got my attention that I now have this idea of having a family outing/adventure out of town. It would be great if this “prize” has no strings attached. In my mind I have been planning for that “vacation” already, checking out the Days Hotel info in the web, looking at their branches and estimating if we can afford to travel at times like this.

I don’t know if eventually I will claim that prize but the idea of traveling and going out of town have been planted and is growing in my head and if I am given the opportunity I would like to take my family to Davao City. It’s a shame that there is no Days Hotel in Davao City. Nevertheless I can find an Affordable hotel in Davao City.

Why Davao?
I would like to go there because I can mix business with pleasure. Pleasure because my son loves crocodiles and there is a croc farm there, also I like to go to Davao Pearl Farm and they say its heaven to spend your days is the beach just being lazy with your laptop. It would also be a good business move to visit Davao since there are always people from Davao inquiring if I can deliver my products there, maybe I can meet them and strike a deal?

It would really be a golden opportunity for me and my family to take a vacation especially if it is free, I can dream can’t I?

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