Monday, June 09, 2008

Keeping Track

These past few weeks have been hectic for me, preparing for school, house hunting, attending seminars and events, having last minute summer bonding with the family and planning protocols on moving out from our current house to moving in another while everyone of the family works and continue on their usual daily routines.

I allot time for seminars and events, to an entrepreneur like me it’s a great way in meeting people, finding great ideas and gives me the needed information in helping me run my business. I usually look for seminars or events in newspapers, on E groups which I belong to, on websites of products or services I am interested in and also on different organizations offering services on business enterprises.

I usually have regular events I go to like the coming Fil Negosyo Expo this month and Food Expo usually on held on August. This coming months is crucial for me, my mother is retiring from government service and just told me she wants to engage in business but is unsure on what to do. So I thought why not expose her to different businesses through seminars and Expos? In that way she can have the feel and observe first hand what businesses today she can engage in and see how this business is being run.

So regardless on what’s going on in our household, I still need information on Filipino Events or seminars specially related to business. Just as luck would have it I found a website where you can browse through upcoming events and you can even Add your Filipino events on their site. The site is called Filipino Village and is presented a real village complete with hospital, church, schools and even a city hall. You can click each one to see information related to schools or other places. Now looking for upcoming seminars and events is a lot easier and hassle free.

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