Saturday, September 13, 2008

My Students' Blog Writing Activity

I just finished teaching about the basics of blogging and social networking to my students. I enjoy teaching about these topics because its one of the activities I love doing online and seeing how my students are interested and asking questions on blogging really make me happy.

As a conclusion to a very interesting semester I organized this blog writing and social networking activity to measure and get feedback on how much they learn from our classes.

To my students please click this link to proceed to your online activity

Go to Digitized Youth


Dexter Ldores-Adino said... CONGRATS po!!! ang ganda ng website for PLMARIANS!!! love nyo po tlaga kami!!!! adik na po tuloy ako sa pag-susulat ng blog please read my blog...tnx po god speed!!!

alfred said...

hello Ma'am this one of my two blogs

loRaine said...

hi mam..
yung tinuro nio po ung blogging sa amin, nainspire po akong gumawa ng mga blogs, lalo na ung nagbigay kau ng example.. nag karuon ako tuloy ng idea sa pag gawa ng magandang blog..
pero b4 nio pa po yung ituro sa amin, nakagawa na po ako ng mga blogs.. sana mabasa nio po and i want to know your opinions/ reactions bout mine.. (^_^)

---student from in4mtx.. Loraine