Friday, November 23, 2007

Investing for the future

We have recently bought a subdivision lot somewhere near Antipolo City, the community is designed to have a farm/garden homes and even have a cooperative to help you sell your produce. I loved the location and the view; it has a cool climate and is overlooking Laguna de Bay, the largest lake in the country. It will take three to five years to develop the subdivision but that’s okay for us for we don’t have the budget to build the house on it at the moment. At least now we have the motivation to save more for the future.

I’ve always wanted to have a farm, growing up in Manila you have a very different environment than what you can experience in the provinces. Lucky for us that my father comes from Bicol where the family lives a farm, such happy childhood memories like playing in rice fields and moving goats from one place is one of my precious experiences during summer breaks. Now I can look forward to have my own little farm and my son can have the experience on living in one. We are planning to make it a vacation home someday.

I believe having a real estate is a good investment and if ever we decide not to live there in the future we can always sell the land. I would also like to have a condo unit someday, owning a condominium unit now is expensive even though they are sprouting around the metro left and right. I always tell myself I’ll buy a condo unit when I have more money than I can spend. Maybe someday there will be affordable condo-housing units like the HDB properties in Singapore. It is commendable how the Singaporean government made housing affordable to their citizens and at the same time solving squatting problems. We have to admit Metro Manila is getting crowded and we even have more squatters living here than people who owns or rent an apartment or house.

2007 is really a big year for me, so many changes, new experiences and I believe the best is yet to come. The future seems bright.

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