Thursday, November 15, 2007

Too much Information

I have been in cyber "hibernation" for more than a month, before this happened I was so sure that I can handle the workload that I have. I’ve been teaching in two universities teaching 13 classes with 4 different subjects. I’m also a wife, a mother to a son attending nursery and manages a home without househelpers or “katulong”. I cook, clean the house and wash clothes on Sundays. I can’t even remember a day when I can just sit back, do nothing and relax all day.

This is my life this year, aside from blogging and having my online choco-baking business on the side. My friends were concerned that I will burn myself out. I had managed well for a couple of months but when the final examination period(mid september to october) approached I was in a frenzy and my mind was so preoccupied about finals, last minute lectures and grade computations that I had trouble even thinking about other stuff like blogging and conceptualizing my website for the Christmas season. It was it seem I was running on autopilot, multitasking as much as possible like washing clothes while preparing lectures and final exams or checking test papers.

I then realized that I have information overload. My mind was so focused on the finals examination period that is refuses to think so something else. Even today when I open my blogger account I could see my drafts that piled up because I can’t force myself to blog. I can’t even play my spider solitaire, my mind was somewhere else to even play a simple game.

I even stopped logging on the net, just check my emails every other day and totally stopped surfing or reading blogs. I was cyber hibernating and I am not happy about it.

I had survived the killer finals period and thanks to my family(my brother helped me check test papers till the wee hours in the morning for weeks) and the full support of my understanding husband I finished all my obligations in school and decided to take a leave of absence in teaching and focus on my family life and business.

Now slowly but surely I am blogging again and for starters will blog about all my adventures I had when I was in “hibernation”.

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