Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Preparing for the Christmas Feast

My parents are great cooks, maybe that is why I am so keen on learning to be a great one also. During the Christmas season I make it an effort to prepare something new for the whole family to taste and judge for themselves.

Many of my products on my online store MylittleBaker comes from these recipes, they are tried and tested by my tough testers that only the best ones make it. On the picture above there are my work of love, the Tipsy Leche Flan, Minicakes and The Fruitcake.

The Tipsy Leche Flan. I love leche flans but I only eat them during special occasions same with a little alcohol drink. So last year I decided to experiment a bit and put this two together and to my delight I was happily tipsy and it also help me control eating leche flan meaning I eat a few spoonful every meal to savor not like eating the whole llanera full.

The Minicakes. I love cakes and what better occasion I can share my love for them than on Christmas season? During these times we have many visitors during different times of the day, so I serve them these home baked goodies. I now have chocolate cake, carrot pound cake, cream cheese cakes and carrot cake all in mini. I have found recipe for mocha flavored ones that I am dying to try this Christmas.

The Fruitcake. I started making fruitcakes last year, and I am proud of them they taste so good. I lovingly brush brandy on them regularly so that when you eat them they taste just right. I even have them in minicake version so that you can eat one anytime you want without the hassle of cutting from a big cake.

This Christmas, I am trying my hand in roasting turkey who know I might make a perfect roast bird on my first try.

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