Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Memorable Christmas

Our Christmas this year can be considered “uneventful” or simply quiet, meaning this year we got to spend the holiday with just the family, no relatives from the province visiting or cousins stopping by. It was the time where you can just relax and bond with each other. The usual Christmas season for us is one big family reunion where relatives from the province arrive before Christmas and stays with us till January and our relatives here in the metro drops by to see them at any given time.

I consider this Christmas season very memorable, it is when I got to bond with every member of the family during the Noche Buena preparations, each one has prepared a dish and for the whole day we work side by side while cooking.

I also gave in to my son’s request to bake goodies, we made chicken empanada and boy he got to really got his hands dirty but enjoyed every minute of it, my parents prepared our favorite asadong baka, while my husband prepared a prawn dish which he calls “shrimp ala cham” (it was really prawns thermidore), my brother was in charge with the drinks while they all help me prepare for my 2kg roasted garlic chicken. The prawns and roast chicken recipe came from the Yummy Magazine November and December issue.

We decided to make our feast healthy buy removing the rice and replacing it with bread, fruits and Caesar salad, even our drinks is just combination of pineapple and fresh oranges.

Even gifts exchanged were also simple but the laughter and cheers were priceless. While tidying up my brother remarked that our Christmas this year is one of a kind for this was the only year that we changed all the food we make for Noche Buena but he really enjoyed it, we all did.

Making Christmas Feasts not just delicious but also healthy as well is one practice I would like to make as our family’s tradition, plus encouraging everyone to help prepare it makes Christmas really memorable.

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