Sunday, December 09, 2007

Managing MyLittleBaker

The Christmas season is the peak season for my home based business and it keeps me "very- busy-that-there-is-not-much-sleeping-anymore" kind of busy but what I realized is that in making your business grow, you have to grow with it too.

I started with just making chocolate lollipops seven years ago to having a whole product line that can hardly fit a short bond paper. Things can get complicated really quickly especially when you have deliveries scheduled. With all of this happening I have to develop business management skills fast.

Supplier sourcing alone takes a lot of time and money. Looking for low price cost on my supplies like nuts, baking supplies and chocolates is done in October. Encountering out-of-stock supplies at this stage is nerve racking. Even remembering where to buy flour that cost the lowest can sometimes be a dilemma specially if that information is not readily available or I can’t remember where I bought it. I have three stores where I buy my supplies and I easily forget things when I am tired or preoccupied.

So as my busiest season draws to a close I decided to do the following information systems when I have some free time on my hands. I would like to develop my own inventory system and a business directory.

The inventory system is already a necessity for me for I have so many ingredients in stock and I need to keep track of them, maybe I can include a shopping list feature so that I won’t forget a crucial ingredient when I’m buying my stocks. Maybe I’ll add a recipe list also so that I know what ingredients I need if I want to bake or cook something. A Business Directory is also good, where I can put all my contacts and suppliers, I can also put all my prospective clients in that directory too so that when I do marketing and sales pitch with ease. I would also like to advertise my business more, maybe join Business Directories too, like Asian Business Directory. I can’t wait to make it big in this business.

I do have a computer degree and I am computer instructor too, so I have to practice programming once in a while so that my skills won’t be rusty. Looking forward to using Visual Basic again after all this baking going on. But before that even happens, my kitchen awaits as I am preparing for my tiangge in PSBA this week.

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