Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Lessons Learned in Joining my First Tiangge

One of my dreams was to join a tiangge or bazaar, I was supposed to join one last November but it did not push through due to problems on logistics. I was lucky to join one this week at PSBA, they are celebrating their foundation day. The tiangge runs for four days and my brother who is studying there help me manage my booth. I did not earn much but I treat it as an important lesson for my business.

Lessons Learned:
The most important – study your market very well and make products that they will likely buy. Since my market was mostly students I had to price my products low and have products that appeal to them.

Pick a location that has a lot of foot traffic.

Make your booth attractive so that it easily attracts customers. Put tarpaulins, posters and make colorful decorations that reflect the products you are selling.

Have fliers ready to be handed out to interested buyers, so that they can contact you if they want to purchase from you even after the bazaar is over.

Have friendly and helpful sales people. One of my advantages is having my brother and his friends mind the booth, since they are of the same age bracket as the customers it was easy for them to make a sale.

Lastly, have your objectives on why you are joining the bazaar and evaluate it after so you can check if you have achieved them. From there you can make a list for improvement as guide for your next bazaar.

As for myself I joined this bazaar to give me a first hand experience on what goes on in bazaars and what aspects of my business needs to improve before I join again next year.

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