Monday, June 01, 2009

Wifi Testing at The Podium

The Podium finally has provided its shoppers with fast and reliable Wi-Fi connection, last May 31, 2009, bloggers like me stressed test their internet. Participating in this event is special for me, I brought my family. Since it’s a Sunday the Wifi testing event became a family activity I saw fellow bloggers with their familes, grandmas, kids and even yayas were there. My son enjoyed the event for there were kids to play with.

As a family, we brought 2 laptops and a wifi enabled cellphone. My son Lorenzo has a plurk account so he used my laptop while I checked out the connection using a Samsung phone. The connection was fast and did not even faltered since we started @ 2:00pm till 6pm. There were even electric outlets available to charge batteries of laptops. I was impressed the connection, you can even watch youtube, we did that when the kids got restless and watched sesame street and maisy.


I would like to thank The Podium for the pleasant time we had. It was really a bonding time for my family. Hey, what can you expect for parents both in the IT industry? Thank you for the entertainment provided, it was really a decadent feeling when you get to be serenaded by Vince Camua while surfing the Net! There were so many raffle prizes, sayang lang we did not won. Anyways! Thanks for the experience Podium!



Fjordan Allego said...

ang bilis ng wifi po ano? sana lahat ng mga malls may wifi.. hehehe

joan_pinon said...

@Fjordan Allego:
Oo nga eh, seconds lang connect agad. Sana nga! hehehe Yung sa Gateway Mall lagi ako bigo makaconnect pero sa Sta Lucia Mall mabilis din :-D