Wednesday, June 17, 2009

AKA a New Way of Doing Business

I am taking my hobby turned business into a full time work and at the moment I am slowly but surely making my products known. My official website is still unavailable at the moment, for I still have to finish it. The problem is there are so many things I want to put there, so many products I want to promote that I am a little confused what to do with it.

So I have to look into alternatives to get my products online and be seen by people. One discovery I made is AKA Mobile directory. It is primarily an SMS search engine and allows registered users to “find and be found”. The directory can be search thru SMS or thru the web.

What I like about AKA is its SMS search engine, it’s like google search but thru SMS. You can search any information you want by just text AKA FIND keywords to 0922.999.7255. AKA’s SMS search engine can be search even by non-registered users.

Being a registered user of AKA has a lot of benefits especially to entrepreneurs like me; it has Messaging features, MiniBlogs and SMS Soundbox. Once you sign up you get your own account that where your can post information you want to promote like their Mini Site. AKA has great merchant applications like the Mini site where the information you post there will be the SMS message received by the people searching the AKA Mobile Directory.

I just signed up tuesday night before going to sleep but I got immediate results the next morning, I just posted keywords on my Mini site relating to my business like choco, wedding giveaways and cupcakes but forgot to put my contact information, by wednesday someone is already contacting me through AKA saying he’s interested in the wedding giveaways and could I update my information to include where can I be contacted. It really made my day, now I am busy maximizing my AKA account to really connect to more customers.


Fernand Yim said...

Hi there Joan,

I am happy for your 'busy-ness'. I am actually thinking of creating my own business, what a shame that I took up business course and yet I am having a hard time creating one, laughs! Anyway this post is really informative. Thank you for sharing. I might take advantage of it once I already have come up with my online business. Regards to Ms. Janette. Thanks!

joan_pinon said...

@Fernand Yim
- Thanks! I am really inspired making this business work. Will tell Janette :)