Friday, June 12, 2009

An Afternoon Spent with a Special Friend

I have many friends but only have a handful that I consider close. One of them is Mam Flu Garcia, I hold her very special to my heart, she is my mentor and a confidant as well. Mam Flu is one of my former professors in grad school.

Our relationship started as any student-teacher relationship, I remember asking permission from her to be excused from her class for a month to visit my husband in Hongkong where he was then based and after that our talks became more personal. During the next few years I would visit her, let her know how I was doing and she would weigh in on what I am planning be it my family life or career decisions.

We started going out for lunch or dinner after I graduated maybe twice a year just to catch up. Since leaving PUP two years ago, we lost track of each other and finally reconnected again on the social network Linkedln. We met again this May at Megamall and she recommended that we eat at Amici located at the third level Atrium.

I am always in awe how life works out. We met again at the time when I am facing a very difficult and crucial decision in my life. My husband is asking me to consider leaving my teaching career and just concentrate in my family and my hobby/business. At the same time I have these prospects of having my dream job, a department head or a college dean by this school year.

I already solicited advices from friends and family, some advised me take to position; after all I am at the peak of my career while others say that having your own business is the way to go.

The meeting with Mam Flu helped me with it. She put everything into perspective, she had seen how stressful work had been for me and opened my eyes on the importance of putting family first and that I can always go back to teaching in the future. She emphasized that time spent away from my family can never be taken back and suggested that I ask the Lord for guidance.

I really enjoyed out time together and the ambiance at Amici that afternoon was really conducive for two friends to catch up. The food was great. I love their pizza and even their chocolate cake passed my discerning baker’s taste. That afternoon spent with Mam Flu will always be a treasured memory in my heart.

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