Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Summer Activities for kids

It’s summer once again and for kids it means fun, fun and more fun. But for a child like my son who loves school this summer time is “boring”. He has frequent tantrums now a days for there is not enough to do and he misses school and his classmates. It’s one of the disadvantages of being an only child, there are no other kids to play with. I decided than one solution would be to enroll Lorenzo to a summer activity and I looked around and here is what I found out:

Learn a new sport
My son is overweight and his pedia encouraged us to give him more physical activities.

I found an Ad about it Milo Summer Sports Clinics on the newspaper and called the MILO hotline (02) 914-7111 and discovered they have various sports activities to choose from karate, swimming, basketball, bowling, taekwondo and other sports catering to different ages. I am considering enrolling him on taekwondo but my husband thinks it’s too soon.

My son loves to swim so a swimming lesson is another choice we are considering, I am still looking for the appropriate swim school Milo has them but still I want to have many options. I visited the Marikina Sports Park if they have a summer program and also inquired at Bert Lozada Swim School

Art Lessons Anyone?
My son also loves to sing and dance, it maybe in the genes as his lolo was a great dance instructor, plus I got so inspired from his performance at his recognition day. So I look for organizations that offer dance and art classes. I found out that Teatro Marikina has a Summer Art Workshop and is offering at a small fee. They offer Dancing classes. Art classes, Children’s Theater, Voice lessons and even lessons for different lessons. I also found out about PETA’s Summer Art Workshops.

Academics in Summer?
My son really want to start reading books so I got an idea maybe I can enroll him at children’s preschool offering summer readiness at math readiness programs but being cooped inside a classroom during summer is not much fun and I could always teach him at home.

So many choices and if it is only up to me I would like to enroll him at least to classes but since many of the schedules overlap with each other I have to just pick one and then choose any a different one next summer.

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Sexy Mom said...

in fact there are a lot of options, theater, sports, gym, singing, painting and many many more

not only to learn but to socialize as well

just dropping by to say hello, i have been out of circulation for a while as i have been too busy,