Saturday, April 12, 2008

Creating Product Awareness

I read an article from a business section of one of the leading broadsheets a few days ago and one night my husband and I got to talk about it. It was about creating an awareness or buzz about your product/brand and in doing so you can create a demand for your product.

We talked about how do we apply that to my current business considering also the changes I plan to make for my business. There were many things I am considering right now, making my made-to-order business to include catering.

The article gave examples about some companies in the country getting services of PR agency to create the “buzz” about their products. It tells the story how a PR agency transforms a juice drink to be synonymous to a certain brand. It also shared some tips that PR Agency in the Philippines do to make sure their client’s Ads a success.

Lessons I learned from this article are; Ads need not be expensive to guarantee success of the product, Ads must be noticed by the right consumer that are willing to pay for the goods or services that you are selling and getting your customers’ point of view is an important part of the development of the marketing strategy.

I hope I can practice this lessons when its time to implement the changes for my business.

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