Saturday, April 19, 2008

Food Crisis or Money Crisis?

These past months we are hit with continuous rise in the prices of gasoline, cooking oil and flour but what shocks all of us is the price of our staple food, RICE. If only the price of oil/gasoline is the one that is going up many of us may ignore it for most of the population does not have their own cars so we are not directly affected, but when the price of RICE went up everybody stopped and took notice.

I for one could not fully comprehend why the price of commercial rice is on the record high some reaching 50 persos per kilo, since there is no rice shortage and we see in the news warehouse after warehouse full of sacks of rice. The videos of people lining up for hours in the summer heat just to buy 2 kilos of NFA rice is really heart breaking, this should not have happen to an agriculture country such as the Philippines.

As the budget/purchasing officer of the family I feel the pinch of our situation now, it’s just not happening in the country but when you read the news, its happening worldwide, from the richest countries to the poorest ones. One can’t help be afraid and ask what is happening? Have we overpopulated the whole planet to have this kind of crisis? I am still looking for answers on these ones.

Our family is affected by the situation, we are now conscious of our consumption of almost everything especially food, even our shopping behavior have changed. Before when we go to the groceries we just buy anything we want without regard if we really need them, now when I go to the groceries I just buy the necessary items. I also now practice consuming what is in stock at our pantry before buying anything else.

I have a pantry where I stock noodles, canned goods, milk, tea, biscuits and most of the time there are items in there that get shoved at the back, gets forgotten and thrown out after a few months because it’s expired already.

As a baker I also feel it as almost all ingredients necessary in baking had gone up, what can I do to sell my goodies? There is no other choice but to increase the product price also.

So what can we do to get through this Money Crisis?

I got this tips from Pinoy Smart
1. increase your income
2. spend wisely; manage your expenses
3. do both

The first option is easier said than done; but if you have the drive, patience and persistence you can do it. However, it may take some time before you can get a significant rise in your income.

The second option is also not easy to do especially if you have been used to unwise spending. However, managing your expenses properly can have immediate positive results and allow you to get more for your hard-earned money. Kung wais ka sa paggastos ng pera mo, mas malayo ang mararating nito kahit na walang dagdag sa iyong kinikita.

I agree with Pinoy Smart, we Pinoys are madiskarte, and a resilient people we need to thinks of ways to get through this crisis, we must think of new ways of adding to the income of our family like taking on part time jobs if we have to and most especially spending our hard earned money wisely.

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