Sunday, March 09, 2008

Preparing to own a car

I’ve been putting off buying a car for years and since its will be beneficial for my family and my business I have decided that its time to have one. One reason I’ve put it off is because I don’t want to drive and that is the condition my husband gave a few years ago when I asked him if we could buy a car for he does not want to drive too. He has a quick temper and I get scared easily, plus I usually day dream while traveling or on the road not a good practice when you’re the one driving.

I asked advice from one of my uncles who is a company driver and he advised me to learn how a car works, its parts and information about cars or any other vehicles I am interested with. He advised me to enroll in a good driving school and he refused to teach me informally due to the fact it will be hard for both of us because of my zero knowledge in cars or even on motorbikes. I plan to enroll in a driving school this summer.

I am planning to buy a car before the year ends and I have plenty of time to learn about cars. What I do now is to familiarize myself on the different models of cars, I am also reading up on engines for I receive advises on what kind of engines to look for if I ever buy a second hand car. I am also more observant now while traveling, observing how the driver drives and navigate traffic. It sometime is scary when you think of driving around Manila.

I’ve always dream of owning a Honda car and recently came across an information about Honda launches VCM 643 and I got fascinated reading about engines and how it works. I have still a long way to go before I am driving my own car but at least learning about them is a move to the right direction.

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