Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Lorenzo's Nursery Recognition Day

This morning was Lorenzo’s Nursery Recognition Day, after weeks of practice for the program and a year of studying; we finally attended the conclusion of Lorenzo’s Nursery Classes. The school said this day is the gift of the children for us their parents, it was a special and happy day for everybody.

We enjoyed the special numbers prepared by the children, Lorenzo even conducted the National Anthem(I’ll upload it in You tube soon). They showcased the skills and talent they had developed throughout the school year, they danced, sang and even performed a short play. It touched my loving mother’s heart how eager and good all of them were during their performances. I got teary eyed when the children sang then gave roses to their parents as a culmination of the ceremonies.

The Awards
Even though I attended their daily rehearsals I have no idea what awards would be given or if my son would receive any but just before the awarding portion got started my son whispered in my ear that he has 3 awards. To our surprise my son got the Most Friendly award! (I am one proud Mama indeed!). He also received Best in Mathematics and Reading, and is Top 5 in the class.

The Competitive Spirit
The biggest surprise I had was when Lorenzo cried during the awarding of the top 3 honors. He cried because he does not have a medal, that is when I realized how competitive my son was. It was a surprise for my husband and I for we are not that competitive. We told him that its ok, he is in Top 5 it’s enough and I motivated him that next school year we will study even harder together so he can be Top 1.

All in all I thank the Lord for giving me a bright and loving child and promised to nurture him to be the best that he can be.



janettetoral.com said...

Hi Joan. Glad to see you are so happy and your son too. All the best and may Lorenzo enjoy the summer vacation!

joan_pinon said...

@Janette - Thank you Janette!