Monday, March 17, 2008

New ways to listen and learn

I got a free iPod shuffle when I bought my laptop last year and since then, using it changed many things for me. I am not really fond of listening music though the use of earphones but since listening on my iPod I gotten the hang of it.

I don’t just use it for listening to music, I also use it in listening to podcasts and recently I got this habit of listening on audio books on self help topics like the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People - Stephen F. Covey's bestseller on personal effectiveness and the Secret by Rhonda Byrne. I even found audio books on IT and business management topics.

The use of this small gadget is proved beneficial for me. I also have reflective, refreshing music played on it specially when I am traveling or I listen to audio books that I know will help me improve myself.

At present I am looking for audio on the teachings of the church to help me reflect this Holy Week. I read recently that the church is trying to bring the teachings of the Lord to the people through the use of technology like the Internet and for me this is very welcome for the at least you can find information readily about the Church. Even the “Pasyon” would have a Videoke in CD version available for the next generation to practice and appreciate.

I also would like to give an iPod to my father so that he can listen to his favorite “oldies” anytime(without torturing us with it all day on the radio). If only I can buy one for him or maybe win one for him. Maybe I will try my luck here: Register to win a new iPod shuffle at Camera World Auction.

The benefits of new technologies give us is changing the way we do things with ease and help us improve ourselves even at a press of a button.

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