Saturday, March 08, 2008

Birthday Wishes, Hopes and Dreams

It’s my Birthday today, and I made the conscious choice of spending it with my family than at work. The lure of my work is really hard to refuse but at the end of the day what is more important is the family, the people you love most.

This day we will spend it in Manila Ocean Park, a new attraction here in Manila, maybe a dinner in a restaurant as the day end. There are only two kinds of food that I usually like to have on my special day one is spaghetti and a cake with candles so that I can make a wish as I blow them.

I don’t really have a wish list for my birthday for I don’t expect to receive any gifts but I have my secret hopes and dreams. I stopped expecting gifts from other people but what I would like is to accomplish and acquire my wants through my own hard work. It’s much rewarding that way.

As I grow older I realize that I reflect more on where I am at my stage in life, what I want to achieve in a year, in five years time and what steps I would take to achieve them. This year is very crucial for me, there are so many things at stake in the decisions I make.

The Secret Wishes
I would like to have another child soon. As my biological clock ticks ever so loudly I would like to get pregnant again, it may not be possible this year but next year definitely.

I want to have a Kitchen Aid mixer. I want one in red or pink. Do you know that I mix all my baked goodies by hand (I use a wooden spoon or spatula) unless the recipe explicitly says to use a mixer? This mixer is not cheap and since it’s not a necessity I won’t buy one unless I have saved for it.

I want to widen my role in the academe. As I mark my ten years in teaching I am ready for the next step, to make/conceptualize academic programs, create special trainings and conduct more extensive researches.

I want to volunteer in orphanages. I am searching an orphanage where I can spend my free time taking care of children. I believe I have so much love to share and it is one ways of thanking God for the blessing He has given me.

The Hopes and Dreams
One of my dreams is to treat my mother with a trip to Hongkong and China. My mom is a great shopper and a great way to bond with her is with a shopping trip!

I want to own my first car before the end of this year. Of course I got to learn how to drive first.

I want to have a physical store for my business and find the right people to help my operate it.

These are only for 2008 as for the next few years I’m keeping those secret dreams in my heart.

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Happy birthday Joan!