Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sesame Street Turns 40

The world is celebrating the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street this week. Sesame Street is an American educational TV Series that started November 10, 1969 and is the longest running children’s program in US television and is show all over the world.

Sesame street is special to me for I grew up watching those Muppets, Big Bird and the gang. It was my first school, I learned to read, write and count numbers with them. I remember begging my parents to attend classes already for I know already how to read and write(on the walls all over the house) but it took 2 more years for me to attend one. So for years they were my classmates and friends.

When I had my baby in 2003 aside from the nursery rhymes CDs, I bought a set of Sesame Street VCDs. Lorenzo was 6months old when he started watching Sesame Street and like me they provide educational fun adventures for my son.

At times we would watch it together and I was amazed of the new characters and topics they tackle on the show. My son loves Elmo and has Elmo blankets that are with him when he sleeps.

Ramdom things about Sesame Street that I know

  • I discovered after 20 years that Big Bird is a boy, that blew me away thought all these years that he’s a girl because of all those feathers.
  • When I started watching again after 20 years I thought grover and elmo are the same character. Got confused there for there was no Elmo character when I was watching Sesame Street as a child.(Elmo character was introduced in 1984 and is a very popular character today)
  • My fave characters are Ernie and Bert, Cookie monster, Kermit and Ms Piggy, Oscar and his pets, count von count, the monsters that are all cuddly and lovable, Mr Snaffuleapagus, rubber ducky and all the human characters of the show.
  • I felt sad when I watched the show again and saw the human characters Maria and company got old; I treated them as my aunts and uncles.

I am very thankful for Sesame Street. The show taught me and my son to read, to speak in English, write, count numbers, know the alphabet, shapes, colors and encourage imagination and sing and dance.

Thank you Sesame Street for being an important part of our lives and hoping you have many more years with us.

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