Sunday, November 29, 2009

Callalily Launches 3rd Album

I gave up going out at night when I had my son Lorenzo. I don’t stay out late because Lorenzo always waits for me to arrive before falling asleep and besides why go out to look for entertainment when you can cuddle him all night.

But this time I broke my own rule, even my husband was surprised and tried to convince me to stay at home. It was the album launch of Callalily and I promised I’ll be there.

Kean and Tatsi, members of Callalily are my students and since June keeps asking me to go to their “Gigs” but I would always decline because it was late at night. They would even kid me of course it should be at night and not at noon. It was also during that time when they were recording their third album and would come to class without sleep, I have seen how hard they worked at it. So I promised that when they launch the album I’ll be there with my son to boot.

So the night arrived, I made sure my son and I had our longest afternoon nap to be able to last all night long. Luckily, Callalily’s Album launch was held at Cubao’s Shoe Expo Mogwai Bar a tricycle ride from our home.

Callalily’s favorite local bands performed as front act and after the show, the Callalistas were in full force. It was really a suprise for me when students in their uniform arrive at the bar even at ten in the evening. The band signed the CDs of the fans who already brought the album.

My son and I had a blast and enjoyed the performances, although it took a while to adjust to the loud music but we had fun. I was impressed by the transformation I saw in Kean and Tatsi, they were in their element and are great performers. My son did not last the night though, around midnight he became very sleepy, so we just waited till the band sang their last song and thanked them for the wonderful evening before leaving the venue.

Congratulations guys! I would always support your careers.

Please buy Callalily's self-titled album under Sony Music Philippines at leading music stores.

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