Friday, November 06, 2009

Getting Mobile through Globe Tattoo Broadband

As IT professionals my husband and I see to it that we are always connected to the Internet and always updated in the latest development in Information Technology. He says that it is our responsibility as an IT person to be always in the “know” of our field. Since the late 1990’s one of the biggest slice in our budget is our Internet connection, other people have their stereos, cars, entertainment center, cellphones, clothes as passions while ours is the internet.

Lately, we became aware of the importance of having internet connection 24/7, anywhere / anytime(we have a landline DSL broadband connection at home), and I started broaching the matter to my husband that maybe it’s time to get a second broadband connection – “One" that we can bring anywhere with us and we can even use even during power outages.

That’s when Globe Tattoo Broadband came to my attention, my brother has one and he even surf and chat while their buying groceries. Globe Tattoo Broadband modem is easy to use, you just plug and play, run the software and you can now connect to the net as fast from 384Kbps to 2mbps 3G or WCDMA connection.

Their fast internet connection caters to your different needs like if you want to have a quick check on your emails, update your blogs or even just read specific updates you can avail of their per KB charging which costs just 15 cents per KB or if your need more time using the internet you can avail of their per TIME connection that lets you surf the net 5 pesos per 15 minutes. You can activate these services by just texting Bytes to 1111 for per KB connection and texting TIME to 1111 for per Time connection. For new users TIME based connection is the default connection, to check your internet connection text STATUS to 1111. I have a 3G phone and a laptop Globe Tattoo Broadband really gave me value for my money.

I’m a very colorful person, I like my stuffs colorful and vibrant, pinks, oranges, violets and reds are very attractive to me. Globe Tattoo Broadband lets you express yourself and shine through their Globe Tattoo Broadband New Skins. At present Globe Tattoo Broadband is having a promo where you can submit your plug it designs at the Globe Tattoo Broadband Gallery and be able to win P5000 for the best design plus get you design produced to actual Globe Tattoo Broadband skins.

The Globe Tattoo Broadband Prepaid kit are now available for P895 and comes with a USB modem, Globe Tattoo Prepaid SIM, P300 promo preloaded SIM and the users manual. Having a Globe Tattoo Broadband is great, now I don’t have to worry not getting home immediately to check on my emails and friends online.

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