Saturday, February 14, 2009

Lorenzo in Training

I had my hobby turned business since 2000, over the years I expanded my product line and have busy seasons (Christmas and Valentines) and loyal customers. Having a child in 2003 did not change that; I just gained a little assistant. I had Lorenzo with me while making my orders, when he was still small he was in the kitchen with me in his crib(he even manages to get a bite or two of chocolates when I was not looking). There was a time that I had to let him sleep first before I can work for he insists on tasting every product I am making.

I never intentionally “taught” or “trained” him to do what I do. Maybe it was the environment he grown up in. Ever since I can remember he would always want to help me. That is why I named my online store after him: My family is amazed on how adept he is in handling my equipments and he is familiar with the ingredients that I use. Last Christmas he volunteered to prepare the fruitcake boxes that I use for packaging.

This Valentines season, it just happened, I had a valentine booth at Informatics Cainta and the opening day of the “tiangge” Lorenzo had no classes. It was a last minute decision to bring him along. I dressed him up with the chef uniform I had made specially for him, it was for the promotional pictures of mylittlebaker website.

He was a hit! He learned about having a business that day. He learned how to sell chocolates and how to handle money. I was so proud of him. He was even treated like a star, customers wanting to have their pictures taken with him and even asking for a kiss.

Many commented that I am already training him in the business. It was not my intention to do that, it never entered my mind. Being a working mom, I just wanted to spent time with him. In retrospect, exposing him in business is not bad, I believe that it will benefit him in the future. As parents you would always want to give him the best, and whatever he would like to do in the future we will give him our 100% support.

I just have to adjust my mindset I suppose, it is not just “my business” now it is mine and Lorenzo’s. He is mylittlebaker after all.

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