Saturday, February 28, 2009

Children and their Toys

It is so much easier to buy toys for babies, or even for toddlers. Any toy you give them is readily appreciated, but for children it’s a different matter all together. Children, I found out recently that they have certain preference and expectations when it comes to their toys. Lorenzo’s 6th Birthday is days away but my husband and I are still at a loss on what gift to give him.

“Mommy I want a PSP for Christmas”
My parents were puzzled on what a PSP is, a request Lorenzo made a month before Christmas. We were amazed on why would a 5-year old child demand a PSP, and what will he do with it. Investigating I found out that most of his friends, playmates and classmates have one and would often tease him when is would borrow theirs to ask his mother to buy one for him( whew! Talk about peer pressure).

When I told my husband about it, he was already planning on giving our son an electronic gadget for Christmas. We decided not to give him the PSP for its not practical for a gadget that costs more than ten thousand, we gave him an mp4 we bought in CD-R king instead.

Why an mp4?
My son loves to sing, dance and take pictures. I was having problems then because he always wants to use my ipod and digital camera. One of the factors we considered is Lorenzo’s interests and hobbies and the mp4 we chose has wide LCD Screen, speakers, FM Radio, a built in camera, audio recording, memory card and supports SNES and NES Game format and it has a 2GB memory to store all his pictures. At least now we don’t have to share my ipod.

What now?
We plan to give him a bicycle for his birthday, but he wants his own laptop! My Gosh! Children these days. My husband and I have a laptop each so it seems he reasons he has to have one too. Well I believe a 5-year old is too young to have his own. I’m still negotiation for a desktop computer he can have. My son is an active computer user, he has his own games, fave websites and even a plurk account. I believe he still is a kid and kids must have toys for kids, so I am trying to get him interested in LEGO or Robots. It’s much cheaper than the laptop he thinks he wants.

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