Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Ten Ways to Make Your Relationship Last

One of the ways to live a long life is have close relationships. Having close friends and lifetime partner help us live longer and healthier lives for they help us alleviate stress, boredom and depression.

Got to read about 20 Secrets to Great Relationships and Busby SEO Test and it inspired my to share my own secrets to a lasting relationship, after all I have been with my man for eighteen years now and friends often asks me our secrets .

Here are tips to make your relationship last.

1. Communication is the key
Constant communication must be maintained even on the busiest day. Nowadays time and distance is not an issue anymore if you really want to talk to each other

2. Don’t force him to change for you
It’s a no-no to force him to change his ways, you have to accept him or he’ll find someone else. Let him take the initiative to change, your life will be so much better.

3. The key to a man’s heart is through his stomach
The age-old saying is true. Making your man yummy dishes makes him love you more. So make an effort, it does not have to be an overnight thing. Learn one or two of his favorite dishes then gradually add more as time passes.

4. Support him in his decisions
His decisions are not always perfect but it’s his to make, just be there for him and give your opinions or just be with him on this difficult time.

5. Make your thoughts and feelings heard
He is not a mind reader. On the early phase of the relationship it is crucial that you let him know what your stand on things like how many children do you want, do you plan to keep working even as kids. How about finances? Would you have separate accounts?

6. Include him in decision making
Have a partner means any decision you make can and will affect him too. So before accepting a job that may include travel ask for his opinion on it.

7. Let him pamper you
The modern woman is independent and can take care of herself fine. But I discovered that men like to pamper us once in a while.

8. Don’t let the romance die
Just because you already lasted 5 years mean that you don’t need to go on dates anymore. Where is the fun in that? Regularly going on dates keeps the sparks going even if you’re old and gray.

9. Make time
Even if your busy with your career its no excuse not to have time for him. No sacrifice is too great just to spend an hour or two of quality time with before your end your day.

10. Work at it
Many think that once you get married, everything is okay, you have your man and you will live forever. Actually the REAL work is just starting for you and your prince charming to reach that forever after.

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