Sunday, January 25, 2009

A Gameplan of a Busy Working Mom

I am a very busy person. I am a wife, mother, daughter, teacher, blogger, entrepreneur and a good friend. One can say my life is very full. At present I have a 30-hour a week class load at PLMar and an IT consultant work working from Monday thru Saturday. I estimate that I have a 45-hours per week job that is aside from being an entrepreneur where I bake on demand. I also do not have a house helper or even a yaya for my son. I even try to blog on my free time. At present I am planning my valentines product line.

I never expected to have the life that I have now, I always dreamed of being a stay at home mother, but circumstances like the current economy plus having my parents to take care of made me decide to continue working. My husband always reminds me to take it slow, that I don’t need to work this hard. He would like me to choose only one job to teach and stop my business or vice versa.

Even I am amazed on the amount of activity I maintain and the outputs I produce. But I have a game plan to be able to cope with my toxic work load.

Here is my game plan:

Be a planner – I am a very good planner. I have short and long term plans and even my week is all laid out as I plan it. I have a plan A, plan B and even a plan C
Have supportive family and friends – I am very thankful to have a very supportive husband who understand my decisions and parents that pick up the slack I have at home. There are also the friends who give moral support especially when I am emotionally drained.
Be Mobile – One thing my husband advised me is to invest in the tools of my trade, that no matter how expensive it is, it will also be a key to your success. I have a laptop(so I can bring anywhere my data, lectures and for entertainment) and a sony ericsson cybershot phone (so I can take pictures of my products and things I blog about).
Use energy efficient, time saving appliances – as mothers we are expected to wash the clothes, cook dinners and make sure everybody is fed and happy. My secret helpers are my oven, microwave oven and an automatic washing machine(it cost three times more that and ordinary washing machine but at least I can bake or blog while washing clothes)
Teach kids to be independent – I am happy that I have a very independent son, he is just 5 years old but at least he can pick up his toys after playing, wash his hands and clean up and just about operate every electronic gadget at home like the tv, dvd player and surf the net with supervision of course.
Learn to delegate – I am a control freak before, I wanted to be involved in every aspect of an activity but slowly I am learning to delegate tasks at work and at home.
Learn to say NO – I like to please people, there was a time that I would accept projects or work just to please my boss but I realize that there are more important things in life than work.
Maximize Time – Multitask. I don’t like wasting time. So if I decide to go to a certain place, attend an event or visit people I make sure that there is something I gained in return like a business meeting or a great idea for my products. Know your priorities - Family comes first no matter what. I stop what I am doing especially if my family needs me. I know when to give in or give up.
Drink your vitamins – Always be protective of your body, being overwork, makes you prone to sickness if you’re not careful

And Lastly, Love yourself. I pamper myself, regular visit to my favorite spa, facials, parlor, get manicures, pedicure and hair treatments the works! And of course shopping! Which I do to cheer myself up.

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